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 2012Aerobic sludge granulation : a tale of two polysaccharides?Loosdrecht, Mark C. M. van.; Seviour, Thomas; Yuan, Zhiguo; Lin, Yuemei
 2013The confounding effect of nitrite on N2O production by an enriched ammonia-oxidizing cultureLaw, Yingyu; Lant, Paul; Yuan, Zhiguo
 2012Molecular dynamics unlocks atomic level self-assembly of the exopolysaccharide matrix of water-treatment granular biofilmsMalde, Alpeshkumar K.; Mark, Alan E.; Seviour, Thomas; Kjelleberg, Staffan; Yuan, Zhiguo
2012Response of poly-phosphate accumulating organisms to free nitrous acid inhibition under anoxic and aerobic conditionsZhou, Yan; Ganda, Lily; Lim, Melvin; Yuan, Zhiguo; Ng, Wun Jern