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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Observation of the Kinetic Inductance Limitation for the Fundamental Magnetic Resonance in Ultrasmall Gold v-Shape Split Ring ResonatorsTobing, Landobasa Y. M.; Luo, Yu; Low, Kay Soon; Zhang, Dawei; Zhang, Dao Hua
2016Optical characteristics of p-type GaAs-based semiconductors towards applications in photoemission infrared detectorsLao, Y. F.; Perera, A. G. U.; Wang, H. L.; Zhao, J. H.; Jin, Y. J.; Zhang, Dao Hua
2017Optoelectronics of inverted type-I CdS/CdSe core/crown quantum ringBose, Sumanta; Fan, Weijun; Zhang, Dao Hua
2020Photo detection and modulation from 1,550 to 2,000 nm realized by GeSn/Ge multiple-quantum-well photodiode on 300-mm Si substrateZhou, Hao; Xu, Shengqiang; Wu, Shaoteng; Huang, Yi-Chiau; Zhao, Peng; Tong, Jinchao; Son, Bongkwon; Guo, Xin; Zhang, Dao Hua; Gong, Xiao; Tan, Chuan Seng
2018Polarization-resolved plasmon-modulated emissions of quantum dots coupled to aluminum dimers with sub-20 nm gapsZhang, Dao Hua; Fong, Kah Ee; Gao, Yuan; Dang, Cuong; Tobing, Landobasa Yosef Mario; Muhammad Danang Birowosuto; Demir, Hilmi Volkan
2016Preferential Excitation of the Hybrid Magnetic-Electric Mode as a Limiting Mechanism for Achievable Fundamental Magnetic Resonance in Planar Aluminum NanostructuresTobing, Landobasa Yosef Mario; Zhang, Dao Hua
2001Preparation and characterization of amorphous SiCN filmsGao, Ying.
2017Quantum spin Hall effect and topological phase transition in InNxBiySb1−x−y/InSb quantum wellsSong, Zhigang; Bose, Sumanta; Fan, Weijun; Zhang, Dao Hua; Zhang, Yan Yang; Li, Shu Shen
2003Rapid thermal processing of GAN-based and ALGAINP-based semiconductors for semiconductor laser applicationsYuan, Shu; Hing, Peter; Ooi, B. S.; Zhang, Dao Hua; Chua, Soon Jun
2018Reliable fabrication of high aspect ratio plasmonic nanostructures based on seedless pulsed electrodepositionMueller, Aaron David; Tobing, Landobasa Yosef Mario; Zhang, Dao Hua
2002Resolving p-type transistor drain saturation current (IDsat) off-target issue for 0.3um logic deviceTan, Ai Kiam
 2012The role of cold sonicated development scenarios for achieving ultradense and high aspect ratio for optical metamaterial applicationsTjahjana, Liliana; Zhang, Dao Hua; Tobing, Landobasa Yosef Mario A. L.
2018Room temperature plasmon-enhanced InAs0.91Sb0.09-based heterojunction n-i-p mid-wave infrared photodetectorTobing, Landobasa Yosef Mario; Tong, Jinchao; Qiu, Shupeng; Zhang, Dao Hua; Unil Perera, A. G.
1998Sequential tunnelling in GaAs/AIGaAs superlattices grown by molecular beam epitaxyHan, Zhiyong.
2017A Simple Method for the Growth of Very Smooth and Ultra-Thin GaSb Films on GaAs (111) Substrate by MOCVDNi, Pei-Nan; Tong, Jin-Chao; Tobing, Landobasa Y. M.; Qiu, Shu-Peng; Xu, Zheng-Ji; Tang, Xiaohong; Zhang, Dao Hua
2018Single plasmonic structure enhanced dual-band room temperature infrared photodetectionTong, Jinchao; Luo, Yu; Zhang, Dawei; Zhang, Dao Hua; Tobing, Landobasa Yosef Mario
2020Strong plasmon–exciton interactions on nanoantenna array–monolayer WS2 hybrid systemLiu, Lin; Tobing, Landobasa Yosef Mario; Yu, Xuechao; Tong, Jinchao; Qiang, Bo; Fernández-Domínguez, Antonio I.; Garcia-Vidal, Francisco J.; Zhang, Dao Hua; Wang, Qijie; Luo, Yu
2004Study of copper diffusion in tantalum based barrier materialsLoh, Seow Wee.
 2018Study of dark current in mid-infrared InAsSb-based hetero n-i-p photodiodeSuo, Fei; Tong, Jinchao; Qian, Li; Zhang, Dao Hua
2005Study of interdiffusion in GaAsSbN∕GaAs quantum well structure by ten-band k⋅p methodDang, Y. X.; Fan, Weijun; Ng, S. T.; Wicaksono, Satrio; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Zhang, Dao Hua