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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Defect-induced tunable permittivity of epsilon-near-zero in indium tin oxide thin filmsLian, Jiqing; Zhang, Dawei; Hong, Ruijin; Qiu, Peizhen; Lv, Taiguo; Zhang, Daohua
2013Direct folding simulation of a long helix in explicit waterZhang, John Z. H.; Gao, Ya; Lu, Xiaoliang; Duan, Lili; Zhang, Dawei; Mei, Ye
2022Epitaxial indium antimonide for multiband photodetection from IR to millimeter/terahertz waveTong, Jinchao; Luo, Heng; Suo, Fei; Zhang, Tianning; Zhang, Dawei; Zhang, Dao Hua
2017Fabrication of Au/graphene oxide/Ag sandwich structure thin film and its tunable energetics and tailorable optical propertiesHong, Ruijin; Ji, Jialin; Tao, Chunxian; Zhang, Daohua; Zhang, Dawei
2022Feruloyl sucrose esters: potent and selective inhibitors of α-glucosidase and α-amylaseDevaraj, Surabhi; Yip, Yew Mun; Panda, Parthasarathi; Ong, Li Lin; Wong, Kathy Pooi Wen; Zhang, Dawei; Ali, Yusuf; Judeh, Zaher
2014Fiber-optic temperature sensor based on temperature-dependent refractive index of Germanium-silica coating stackHuang, Yuanshen; Zhang, Daohua; Zhang, Dawei; Tao, Chunxian; Hong, Ruijin
 2013Focus shaping of linearly polarized Lorentz beam with sine-azimuthal variation wavefrontGao, Xiumin; Zhang, Dawei; Ting, Mei; Rui, Fu; Zhan, Qiufang; Zhuang, Songlin
 2012Focusing of linearly polarized Lorentz–Gauss beam with one optical vortexRui, Fu; Zhang, Dawei; Ting, Mei; Gao, Xiumin; Zhuang, Songlin
 2012Folding and thermodynamic studies of Trp-cage based on polarized force fieldZhang, John Z. H.; Mei, Ye; Wei, Caiyi; Yip, Yew Mun; Ho, Chun Ying; Zhang, Dawei
 2012A fragmentation approach to quantum calculation of large molecular systemsZhang, Dawei; Ji, Changge; Mei, Ye; Zhang, John Z. H.; He, Xiao
 2020High order magnetic and electric resonant modes of split ring resonator metasurface arrays for strong enhancement of mid-infrared photodetectionTong, Jinchao; Suo, Fei; Tobing, Landobasa Y. M.; Yao, Niangjuan; Zhang, Dawei; Huang, Zhiming; Zhang, Dao Hua
 2014Interplay of hole transfer and host-guest interaction in molecular dyad and triad : ensemble and single-molecule spectroscopy and sensing applicationsWu, Xiangyang; Liu, Fang; Wells, Kym L.; Tan, Serena L. J.; Webster, Richard D.; Tan, Howe-Siang; Zhang, Dawei; Xing, Bengang; Yeow, Edwin K. L.
 2013The intrinsic helical propensities of the helical fragments in prion protein under neutral and low pH conditions : a replica exchange molecular dynamics studyZhang, John Z. H.; Lu, Xiaoliang; Zeng, Juan; Gao, Ya; Zhang, Dawei; Mei, Ye
2017Laser induced photocatalytic activity enhancement of TiO_2 thin filmsJing, Ming; Hong, Ruijin; Shao, Wen; Lin, Hui; Zhang, Dawei; Zhuang, Songlin; Zhang, Daohua
 2013The new way of controlling aluminum-doped zinc oxide films properties : ion beam post-treatment with cooling systemNi, Zhengji; Zhang, Dawei; Sun, Haojie; Wang, Wenna; Zhang, Dao Hua; Mei, Ting
2016Observation of the Kinetic Inductance Limitation for the Fundamental Magnetic Resonance in Ultrasmall Gold v-Shape Split Ring ResonatorsTobing, Landobasa Y. M.; Luo, Yu; Low, Kay Soon; Zhang, Dawei; Zhang, Dao Hua
2013A Pt(II)-dip complex stabilizes parallel c-myc G-quadruplexWang, Jintao; Lu, Kaihui; Xuan, Shuguang; Toh, Zaozhen; Zhang, Dawei; Shao, Fangwei
 2011Replica exchange molecular dynamics simulation of structure variation from α/4β-fold to 3α-fold proteinLazim, Raudah; Mei, Ye; Zhang, Dawei
2018Single plasmonic structure enhanced dual-band room temperature infrared photodetectionTong, Jinchao; Luo, Yu; Zhang, Dawei; Zhang, Dao Hua; Tobing, Landobasa Yosef Mario
2012Solvent effect on the folding dynamics and structure of E6-associated protein characterized from Ab initio protein folding simulationsXu, Zhijun; Lazim, Raudah; Sun, Tiedong; Mei, Ye; Zhang, Dawei