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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2011Replica exchange molecular dynamics simulation of structure variation from α/4β-fold to 3α-fold proteinLazim, Raudah; Mei, Ye; Zhang, Dawei
2018Single plasmonic structure enhanced dual-band room temperature infrared photodetectionTong, Jinchao; Luo, Yu; Zhang, Dawei; Zhang, Dao Hua; Tobing, Landobasa Yosef Mario
2012Solvent effect on the folding dynamics and structure of E6-associated protein characterized from Ab initio protein folding simulationsXu, Zhijun; Lazim, Raudah; Sun, Tiedong; Mei, Ye; Zhang, Dawei
 2012Stability of the β-structure in prion protein : a molecular dynamics study based on polarized force fieldMei, Ye; Zhang, Dawei; Xu, Zhijun; Lazim, Raudah
 2012The substrate cooling effect of ion beam post treatment on ZAO films propertiesWang, Wenna; Zhang, Dawei; Wang, Qi; Tao, Chuanxian; Ni, Zhengji; Zhuang, Songlin; Mei, Ting; Zhang, Dao Hua
 2013Theoretical insight for the metal insertion pathway of endohedral alkali metal fullerenesMalani, Hema; Zhang, Dawei
 2018Thiazolidin-5-imine formation as a catalyst-free bioorthogonal reaction for protein and live cell labelingBi, Xiaobao; Yin, Juan; Rao, Chang; Balamkundu, Seetharamsing; Banerjee, Biplab; Zhang, Dingpeng; Zhang, Dawei; Dedon, Peter C.; Liu, Chuan-Fa