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2018An accurate solution to the cardinality-based punctuality problemCao, Zhiguang; Wu, Yaoxin; Rao, Akshay; Klanner, Felix; Erschen, Stefan; Chen, Wei; Zhang, Le; Guo, Hongliang
2015CMOS Image Sensor Based Physical Unclonable Function for Coherent Sensor-Level AuthenticationCao, Yuan; Zhang, Le; Zalivaka, Siarhei S.; Chang, Chip-Hong; Chen, Shoushun
2014CMOS image sensor based physical unclonable function for smart phone security applicationsCao, Yuan; Zalivaka, Siarhei S.; Zhang, Le; Chang, Chip-Hong; Chen, Shoushun
2014Design of a continuous transverse stub antennaZhang, Le
2018Distilling the knowledge from handcrafted features for human activity recognitionChen, Zhenghua; Zhang, Le; Cao, Zhiguang; Guo, Jing
2018Do outside directors with government experience create value?Kang, Jun-Koo; Zhang, Le
2016Emerging non-volatile memory based physical unclonable functionsZhang, Le
2016Ensemble classification and its application to visual trackingZhang, Le
 2018An ensemble of decision trees with random vector functional link networks for multi-class classificationKatuwal, Rakesh; Suganthan, Ponnuthurai Nagaratnam; Zhang, Le
2018Friendly boards and innovationZhang, Le; Kang, Jun-Koo; Liu, Wei-Lin; Low, Angie
2019Heterogeneous oblique random forestKatuwal, Rakesh; Suganthan, Ponnuthurai Nagaratnam; Zhang, Le
2014Highly reliable memory-based physical unclonable function using spin-transfer torque MRAMKong, Zhi Hui; Roy, Kaushik; Zhang, Le; Chang, Chip-Hong; Fong, Xuanyao
2015Highly reliable spin-transfer torque magnetic RAM based physical unclonable function with multi-response-bits per cellZhang, Le; Fong, Xuanyao; Chang, Chip-Hong; Kong, Zhi Hui; Roy, Kaushik
2014Leakage-resilient memory-based physical unclonable function using phase change materialZhang, Le; Chang, Chip-Hong; Cabrini, Alessandro; Torelli, Guido; Kong, Zhi Hui
2015A Low-Power Hybrid RO PUF With Improved Thermal Stability for Lightweight ApplicationsCao, Yuan; Zhang, Le; Chang, Chip-Hong; Chen, Shoushun
 2017Received signal strength based indoor positioning using a random vector functional link networkCui, Wei; Zhang, Le; Li, Bing; Guo, Jing; Meng, Wei; Wang, Haixia; Xie, Lihua
2015Statistical analysis and design of 6T SRAM cell for physical unclonable function with dual application modesZhang, Le; Chang, Chip-Hong; Kong, Zhi Hui; Liu, Chao Qun