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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2018Sensitivity analysis of structural health risk in operational tunnelsLiu, Wenli; Wu, Xianguo; Zhang, Limao; Wang, Yanyu; Teng, Jiaying
 2021Simulation-based optimization for modeling and mitigating tunnel-induced damagesWang, Ying; Zhang, Limao
 2022Simulation-based passenger evacuation optimization in metro stations considering multi-objectivesGuo, Kai; Zhang, Limao
 2021Simulation-based vulnerability assessment in transit systems with cascade failuresChen, Hongyu; Zhang, Limao; Liu, Qiong; Wang, Hongtao; Dai, Xiaosong
 2018Simulation-hybrid approach to protecting aging bridges against nearby tunnel excavationZhang, Limao; Liu, Wenli; Wu, Xianguo; Skibniewski, Miroslaw J.
 2020A spatial-channel hierarchical deep learning network for pixel-level automated crack detectionPan, Yue; Zhang, Gaowei; Zhang, Limao
 2021Spatio-temporal feature fusion for real-time prediction of TBM operating parameters: a deep learning approachFu, Xianlei; Zhang, Limao
 2021Time-series interval prediction under uncertainty using modified double multiplicative neuron networkPan, Wenping; Feng, Liuyang; Zhang, Limao; Cai, Liang; Shen, Chunlin
 2020A two-step approach for cost-effective design analysis of Net Zero Energy HomesLi, Hong Xian; Li, Yan; Zhang, Limao
2019Understanding critical variables contributing to competitive advantages of international high-speed railway contractorsNiu, Yanliang; Deng, Xiaopeng; Zhang, Limao; Duan, Xiaochen
 2021Vulnerability modeling and assessment in urban transit systems considering disaster chains: a weighted complex network approachChen, Hongyu; Zhang, Limao; Ran, Lianyue
 2021Vulnerability modeling, assessment, and improvement in urban metro systems: a probabilistic system dynamics approachChen, Hongyu; Chen, Bin; Zhang, Limao; Li, Hong Xian