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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Light-induced instability in current conduction of aluminum nitride thin films embedded with Al nanocrystalsLiu, Zhen; Chen, Tupei; Liu, Yang; Ding, Liang; Yang, Ming; Wong, Jen It; Cen, Zhan Hong; Li, Yibin; Zhang, Sam; Fung, Stevenson Hon Yuen
2005Magnetron sputtered superhard nanocomposite coatings with high toughness for wear protectionZhang, Sam; Du, Hejun
2005Memory effect of Al-rich AlN films synthesized with rf magnetron sputteringZhao, P.; Liu, Yang; Chen, Tupei; Zhang, Sam; Fu, Yong Qing; Fung, Stevenson Hon Yuen
 2017Microstructure and mechanical properties of Cu-containing amorphous carbon nanocomposite thin films by a hybrid deposition techniqueLuo, Jingying; Sun, Deen; Zhang, Sam; Qian, Haixia; Huang, Jiamu
2006Modification of Ta/polymeric low-k interface by electron beam treatmentPrasad, K.; Damayanti, M.; Gan, Zhenghao; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Chen, Zhong; Chen, Zhe; Zhang, Sam; Jiang, Ning
 2014Morphology of silicon/silicon-oxide nanowires grown from nickel-coated silicon wafersLi, Feng Ji; Zhang, Sam; Guo, Jun; Li, Bo
2018Nitrogen doped cuprous oxide as low cost hole-transporting material for perovskite solar cellsHan, Guifang; Du, Wen Han; An, Bao-Li; Bruno, Annalisa; Leow, Shin Woei; Soci, Cesare; Zhang, Sam; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Mathews, Nripan
 2008Non-volatile organic memory applications enabled by in situ synthesis of gold nanoparticles in a self-assembled block copolymerLeong, Wei Lin; Lee, Pooi See; Lohani, Anup; Lam, Yeng Ming; Chen, Tupei; Zhang, Sam; Dodabalapur, Ananth; Subodh Gautam Mhaisalkar
 2019Novel dye-sensitized solar cell architecture using TiO2-coated Ag nanowires array as photoanodeWang, Ming; Zhang, Sam; Du, Zhao-Fu; Sun, Lidong; Zhao, Dong-Liang
 2010One-dimensional single-crystalline bismuth oxide micro/nanoribbons : morphology-controlled synthesis and luminescent propertiesSun, L. D.; Ling, Bo; Sun, Xiaowei; Zhao, Jun Liang; Shen, Yiqiang; Dong, Zhili; Zhang, Sam
2016Optical reflectivity and hardness improvement of hafnium nitride films via tantalum alloyingGu, Zhiqing; Huang, Haihua; Zhang, Sam; Wang, Xiaoyi; Gao, Jing; Zhao, Lei; Zheng, Weitao; Hu, Chaoquan
 2012Rethinking the role that the “step” in the load–displacement curves can play in measurement of fracture toughness for hard coatingsZhang, Xiaomin; Zhang, Sam
2008Room-temperature visible electroluminescence from aluminum nitride thin film embedded with aluminum nanocrystalsYang, Ming; Liu, Yang; Ding, Liang; Wong, Jen It; Liu, Zhen; Zhang, Sam; Zhang, Wali; Zhu, Fu Rong; Chen, Tupei
 2012Size dependence of defect-induced room temperature ferromagnetism in undoped ZnO nanoparticlesXu, Xiaoyong; Xu, Chunxiang; Dai, Jun; Hu, Jingguo; Li, Fengji; Zhang, Sam
2004Study of interfacial adhesion energy of multilayered ULSI thin film structures using four-point bending testPrasad, K.; Gan, Zhenghao; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Chen, Zhong; Zhang, Sam; Chen, Zhe
 2012Surface modification of polycaprolactone substrates using collagen-conjugated poly(methacrylic acid) brushes for the regulation of cell proliferation and endothelialisationYuan, Shaojun; Xiong, Gordon M.; Wang, Xiaoyan; Zhang, Sam; Choong, Cleo Swee Neo
 2012Toughening effect of Ni on nc-CrAlN/a-SiNx hard nanocompositeWang, Yu Xi; Zhang, Sam; Lee, Jyh-Wei; Lew, Wen Siang; Li, Bo
 2011Toughness evaluation of hard coatings and thin filmsZhang, Sam; Zhang, Xiaomin
 2012Toward hard yet tough CrAlSiN coatings via compositional gradingWang, Yu Xi; Zhang, Sam; Lee, Jyh-Wei; Lew, Wen Siang; Sun, Deen; Li, Bo
2017Towards high efficiency thin film solar cellsHan, Guifang; Zhang, Sam; Boix, Pablo P.; Wong, Lydia Helena; Sun, Lidong; Lien, Shui-Yang