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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019300 μJ, 3 W, few-cycle, 3 μm OPCPA based on periodically poled stoichiometric lithium tantalate crystalsZou, Xiao; Li, Wenkai; Liang, Houkun; Liu, Kun; Qu, Shizhen; Wang, Qi Jie; Zhang, Ying
 201765-fs Pulses at 2 µm in a compact Tm-doped all-fiber laser by dispersion and nonliearity managementSun, Biao; Luo, Jiaqi; Zhang, Ying; Wang, Qijie; Yu, Xia
 20199  μm few-cycle optical parametric chirped-pulse amplifier based on LiGaS2Qu, Shizhen; Liang, Houkun; Liu, Kun; Zou, Xiao; Li, Wenkai; Wang, Qi Jie; Zhang, Ying
 2011Active focal length control of terahertz slitted plane lenses by magnetoplasmonsHu, Bin; Wang, Qi Jie; Kok, Shaw Wei; Zhang, Ying
 2012An all-optical plasmonic limiter based on a nonlinear slow light waveguideTao, Jin; Wang, Qi Jie; Hu, Bin; Zhang, Ying
2018Bright Monolayer Tungsten Disulfide via Exciton and Trion Chemical ModulationsTao, Ye; Yu, Xuechao; Li, Jiewei; Liang, Houkun; Zhang, Ying; Huang, Wei; Wang, Qi Jie
2012Broadly tunable one-way terahertz plasmonic waveguide based on nonreciprocal surface magneto plasmonsHu, Bin; Wang, Qi Jie; Zhang, Ying
2016Characterization of the real-time mechanobiology of engineered tissue equivalentsZhang, Ying
2021Chromatin interaction neural network (ChINN) : a machine learning-based method for predicting chromatin interactions from DNA sequencesCao, Fan; Zhang, Yu; Cai, Yichao; Animesh, Sambhavi; Zhang, Ying; Akincilar, Semih Can; Loh, Yan Ping; Li, Xinya; Chng, Wee Joo; Tergaonkar, Vinay; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Fullwood, Melissa Jane
 2013A cognitive radio receiver front-end IC based on spread spectrum sensing techniqueZhang, Ying; Ali, Meaamar; Zheng, Yuanjin
2012Corporate governance disclosure of Chinese companies : case study of H-share companies and comparison across listing locationsYe, Zhi; Zhang, Ying; Farzana Munavara Kadir
2016Development of surface functionalized microfiber sensors for heavy metal detection in aqueous environmentZhang, Ying
 2014DNA-templated silver nanoclusters for multiplexed fluorescent DNA detectionZhu, Changfeng; Zhang, Lei; Tan, Chaoliang; Yang, Jian; Chen, Bo; Wang, Lianhui; Zhang, Hua; Zhang, Ying
 2011DOA estimation of wideband sources without estimating the number of sourcesReddy, Vinod Veera; Ng, B. P.; Zhang, Ying; Khong, Andy Wai Hoong
 2018Does oxidative stress contribute to adverse outcomes in HIV-associated TB?Yew, Wing-Wai; Chan, Denise Puichung; Singhal, Amit; Zhang, Ying; Lee, Shui-Shan
2015Effect of Co distribution on plastic deformation of nanocrystalline Al-10.2 at.% Co alloyBabicheva, Rita I.; Dmitriev, Sergey V.; Zhang, Ying; Kok, Shaw Wei; Zhou, Kun
 2013Electrically pumped mid-infrared random lasersLiang, Hou Kun; Meng, Bo; Liang, Guozhen; Tao, Jin; Chong, Yidong; Wang, Qi Jie; Zhang, Ying
 2011Extrapolation of wideband electromagnetic response using sparse representationZhao, Huapeng; Zhang, Ying
2013Fiber profilometer for measurement of hard-to-access areasLiu, Zhuang; Yu, Xia; Wang, Qi Jie; Kok, Shaw Wei; Zhang, Ying
2021Flat‐top pumped multi‐millijoule mid‐infrared parametric chirped‐pulse amplifier at 10 kHz repetition rateZou, Xiao; Li, Wenkai; Qu, Shizhen; Liu, Kun; Li, Hao; Wang, Qi Jie; Zhang, Ying; Liang, Houkun