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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003High speed, low jitter CMOS analog PLL for clock recovery applicationSudhaleswar Behera.
2006High transmission gain inverted-F antenna on low-resistivity Si for wireless interconnectGuo, L. H.; Zhang, Yue Ping; Sun, Mei
 2013A high-gain microstrip grid array antenna on low temperature co-fired ceramic for 60-GHz applicationsZirath, Herbert; Zhang, Bing; Zhang, Yue Ping
 2012Impact of PCB ground plane size on dual-band antenna performanceZhang, Lin; See, Kye Yak; Zhang, Yue Ping
2001Indoor radiated-mode leaky feeder propagation at 2.0 GHzZhang, Yue Ping
2016Inkjet-printed patch antenna emitter for wireless communication applicationGoh, Guo Liang; Ma, Jiaheng; Chua, Francis Kwee Lim; Shweta, Agarwala; Yeong, Wai Yee; Zhang, Yue Ping
2004Integrated circuit ceramic ball grid array package antennaZhang, Yue Ping
2002Integrated circuit package antennaLi, Wenbo.
2009Integration of grid array antenna in chip package for highly integrated 60-GHz radiosGuo, Y. X.; Wai, L. L.; Sun, Mei; Zhang, Yue Ping; Chua, Kai Meng
2003The integration of radifilter into a chip carrierPhang, Tze Yong.
2008Integration of Yagi antenna in LTCC package for differential 60-GHz radioGaucher, B. P.; Wai, L. L.; Zhang, Yue Ping; Sun, Mei; Liu, Duixian; Chua, Kai Meng
2007Inter-chip wireless communication channel : measurement, characterization, and modelingChen, Zhiming; Zhang, Yue Ping
2009A low-noise multi-GHz CMOS multiloop ring oscillator with coarse and fine frequency tuningLiu, Hai Qi; Goh, Wang Ling; Siek, Liter; Lim, Wei Meng; Zhang, Yue Ping
2000Measurements of the propagation of UHF radio waves on an underground railway trainZhang, Yue Ping; Jiang, Z. R.; Ng, Tung Sang; Sheng, J. H.
 2012A microstrip grid array antenna for 60-GHz applicationsZhang, Bing; Zhang, Yue Ping
 2012Multifingers capacitances modeling of 65-Nm CMOS transistor by unit cell methodAgung, Alit Apriyana Anak; Zhang, Yue Ping
 2017Mutual coupling between submicrostrip grid arrays on electrically thin substrateChen, Zihao; Zhang, Yue Ping
2008Novel antenna-in-package design in LTCC for single-chip RF transceiversLin, W.; Zhang, Yue Ping; Sun, Mei
2004Novel integrated circuit laminated ceramic package antennaLin, Wei.
2004Novel integrated circuit pressed ceramic package antennaXue, Yang