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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Novel antenna-in-package design in LTCC for single-chip RF transceiversLin, W.; Zhang, Yue Ping; Sun, Mei
2004Novel integrated circuit laminated ceramic package antennaLin, Wei.
2004Novel integrated circuit pressed ceramic package antennaXue, Yang
2003Novel model for propagation loss prediction in tunnelsZhang, Yue Ping
2006A novel wireless interconnect technology using impulse radio for interchip communicationsZheng, Yuanjin; Zhang, Yue Ping; Tong, Yan
2005On-chip antennas for 60-GHz radios in silicon technologyGuo, L. H.; Zhang, Yue Ping; Sun, Mei
2005Performance of inter-chip RF-interconnect using CPW, capacitive coupler and UWB transceiverSun, Mei; Zhang, Yue Ping
2009Performance of intra-chip wireless interconnect using on-chip antennas and UWB radiosSun, Mei; Zhang, Yue Ping; Zheng, Guo Xin; Yin, Wen Yan
2007Performance of UWB impulse radio with planar monopoles over on-human-body propagation channel for wireless body area networksZhang, Yue Ping; Li, Qiang
2005A planar antenna in LTCC for single-package ultrawide-band radioChen, Ying; Zhang, Yue Ping
2007Propagation mechanisms of radio waves over intra-chip channels with integrated antennas : frequency-domain measurements and time-domain analysisZhang, Yue Ping; Chen, Zhiming; Sun, Mei
2004Propagation of microwave signals for distributed wireless communication systemsHong, Hong Jia.
2001Radio propagation at 900 MHz in underground coal minesSheng, J. H.; Zhang, Yue Ping; Zheng, Guo Xin
2004Ray-optical modeling of simulcast radio propagation channels in tunnelsHong, H. J.; Zhang, Yue Ping
1998Ray-optical prediction of radio-wave propagation characteristics in tunnel environments-Part 1 : theoryHwang, Y.; Kouyoumjian, Robert G.; Zhang, Yue Ping
1998Ray-optical prediction of radio-wave propagation characteristics in tunnel environments-Part 2 : analysis and measurementsKouyoumjian, Robert G.; Hwang, Y.; Zhang, Yue Ping
2001Smart antennas for CDMA systemsWang, Feng
2006A study of dual-mode bandpass filter integrated in BGA package for single-chip RF transceiversPhang, T. Y.; Zhang, Yue Ping; Li, Xue Jun
2004A study of effect of ICPA on RF CBGA packagesQiu, Xue Dong.
2004A study of indoor radio coverage using antenna and leaky feederJiang, Quansheng