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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Novel model for propagation loss prediction in tunnelsZhang, Yue Ping
2006A novel wireless interconnect technology using impulse radio for interchip communicationsZheng, Yuanjin; Zhang, Yue Ping; Tong, Yan
2005On-chip antennas for 60-GHz radios in silicon technologyGuo, L. H.; Zhang, Yue Ping; Sun, Mei
2005Performance of inter-chip RF-interconnect using CPW, capacitive coupler and UWB transceiverSun, Mei; Zhang, Yue Ping
2009Performance of intra-chip wireless interconnect using on-chip antennas and UWB radiosSun, Mei; Zhang, Yue Ping; Zheng, Guo Xin; Yin, Wen Yan
2007Performance of UWB impulse radio with planar monopoles over on-human-body propagation channel for wireless body area networksZhang, Yue Ping; Li, Qiang
2005A planar antenna in LTCC for single-package ultrawide-band radioChen, Ying; Zhang, Yue Ping
2007Propagation mechanisms of radio waves over intra-chip channels with integrated antennas : frequency-domain measurements and time-domain analysisZhang, Yue Ping; Chen, Zhiming; Sun, Mei
2004Propagation of microwave signals for distributed wireless communication systemsHong, Hong Jia.
2001Radio propagation at 900 MHz in underground coal minesSheng, J. H.; Zhang, Yue Ping; Zheng, Guo Xin
2004Ray-optical modeling of simulcast radio propagation channels in tunnelsHong, H. J.; Zhang, Yue Ping
1998Ray-optical prediction of radio-wave propagation characteristics in tunnel environments-Part 1 : theoryHwang, Y.; Kouyoumjian, Robert G.; Zhang, Yue Ping
1998Ray-optical prediction of radio-wave propagation characteristics in tunnel environments-Part 2 : analysis and measurementsKouyoumjian, Robert G.; Hwang, Y.; Zhang, Yue Ping
2001Smart antennas for CDMA systemsWang, Feng
2006A study of dual-mode bandpass filter integrated in BGA package for single-chip RF transceiversPhang, T. Y.; Zhang, Yue Ping; Li, Xue Jun
2004A study of effect of ICPA on RF CBGA packagesQiu, Xue Dong.
2004A study of indoor radio coverage using antenna and leaky feederJiang, Quansheng
2008A study of on-chip stacked multi-loop spiral inductorsZhang, Yue Ping; Yang, Kai; Yin, Wen Yan; Shi, Jinglin; Kang, Kai; Mao, Jun Fa
2006Theory and analysis of differentially-driven microstrip antennasZhang, Yue Ping; Wang, Jun Jun
 2012Three types of array antennas for 60-GHz radiosTu, Zhihong; Zhang, Yue Ping