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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Design a CMOS transmit-receive-antenna switch for 5.2GHz applicationsShi, Lu.
2007Design and analysis of transmit/receive switch in triple-well CMOS for MIMO wireless systemsPoh, Andrew Hoe Suan; Zhang, Yue Ping
2007Design and experiment on differentially-driven microstrip antennasZhang, Yue Ping
2008Design and integration of 60-GHz grid array antenna in chip packageSun, Mei; Zhang, Yue Ping
2006Design of a CMOS RF MIMO switch for future wireless applicationsPoh, Andrew Hoe Suan.
2004Design of on-package RF dual-band filterAnak Agung Alit Apriyana
2008Design of SPST/SPDT switches in 65nm CMOS for 60GHz applicationsHe, Jin; Zhang, Yue Ping
2006A differential CMOS T/R switch for multistandard applicationsZhang, Yue Ping; Li, Qiang; Fan, Wei; Ang, Chew Hoe; Li, He
2006Dual-band microstrip bandpass filter using stepped-impedance resonators with new coupling schemesZhang, Yue Ping; Sun, Mei
 2012Electromagnetic interactions of on-chip antennas and inductorsZhang, Yue Ping; Deng, Tianwei; Chen, Zhiming
2009Enrichment of package antenna approach with dual feeds, guard ring, and fences of viasZhang, Yue Ping
2009An experiment study of the propagation of radio waves in a scaled model of long-wall coal mining tunnelsHan, Guo Rui; Zhang, Wen Mei; Zhang, Yue Ping
2004Finite-difference time-domain analysis of integrated ceramic ball grid array package antenna for highly integrated wireless transceiversZhang, Yue Ping
 2011A fully integrated differential impulse radio transmitterHe, Jin; Zhang, Yue Ping; Lim, Wei Meng; Xiong, Yong-Zhong
 2012Grid array antennas with subarrays and multiple feeds for 60-GHz radiosZhang, Bing; Zhang, Yue Ping
2003High speed, low jitter CMOS analog PLL for clock recovery applicationSudhaleswar Behera.
2006High transmission gain inverted-F antenna on low-resistivity Si for wireless interconnectGuo, L. H.; Zhang, Yue Ping; Sun, Mei
 2013A high-gain microstrip grid array antenna on low temperature co-fired ceramic for 60-GHz applicationsZirath, Herbert; Zhang, Bing; Zhang, Yue Ping
 2012Impact of PCB ground plane size on dual-band antenna performanceZhang, Lin; See, Kye Yak; Zhang, Yue Ping
2001Indoor radiated-mode leaky feeder propagation at 2.0 GHzZhang, Yue Ping