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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Nonlinear self-excited combustion oscillations of a premixed laminar flameZhao, Dan
2014Observer-based control of Rijke-type combustion instabilityHervas, Jaime Rubio; Zhao, Dan; Reyhanoglu, Mahmut
 2021Pressure-responsive two-dimensional metal-organic framework composite membranes for CO2 separationYing, Yunpan; Zhang, Zhengqing; Peh, Shing Bo; Karmakar, Avishek; Cheng, Youdong; Zhang, Jian; Xi, Lifei; Boothroyd, Chris; Lam, Yeng Ming; Zhong, Chongli; Zhao, Dan
2019Radiation enhancement by graphene oxide on microelectromechanical system emitters for highly selective gas sensingLi, Nanxi; Yuan, Hongye; Xu, Linfang; Tao, Jifang; Ng, Doris Keh Ting; Lee, Lennon Yao Ting; Cheam, Daw Don; Zeng, Yongquan; Qiang, Bo; Wang, Qijie; Cai, Hong; Singh, Navab; Zhao, Dan
2013Rainwater- and air-driven 40 mm bladeless electromagnetic energy harvesterZhao, Dan; Khoo, Joe
2010Robust analysis and control for polynomial nonlinear systems using convex optimizationZhao, Dan
 2013Thermoacoustic instability of a laminar premixed flame in Rijke tube with a hydrodynamic regionZhao, Dan; Chow, Z. H.
2012Time-domain characterization of the acoustic damping of a perforated liner with bias flowZhong, Zhiyuan; Zhao, Dan
 2012Transient growth of flow disturbances in triggering a Rijke tube combustion instabilityZhao, Dan
 2011Transmission loss analysis of a parallel-coupled Helmholtz resonator networkZhao, Dan
 2013Waste thermal energy harvesting from a convection-driven Rijke–Zhao thermo-acoustic-piezo systemZhao, Dan