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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Benchmarking human protein complexes to investigate drug-related systems and evaluate predicted protein complexesWu, Min; Yu, Qi; Li, Xiaoli; Zheng, Jie; Huang, Jing-Fei; Kwoh, Chee Keong
2019Boolean network modeling of β-cell apoptosis and insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes mellitusDutta, Pritha; Ma, Lichun; Ali, Yusuf; Sloot, Peter M.A.; Zheng, Jie
2011Brecht and China: towards an ethical subjectZheng, Jie
2017Chikungunya virus nsP4 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase core domain displays detergent-sensitive primer extension and terminal adenylyltransferase activitiesChen, Ming Wei; Tan, Yaw Bia; Zheng, Jie; Zhao, Yongqian; Lim, Bee Ting; Cornvik, Tobias; Lescar, Julien; Ng, Lisa Fong Poh; Luo, Dahai
2018Composite mathematical modeling of calcium signaling behind neuronal cell death in Alzheimer’s diseaseRanjan, Bobby; Chong, Ket Hing; Zheng, Jie
2018Computational analysis of the receptor binding specificity of novel influenza A/H7N9 virusesZhou, Xinrui; Zheng, Jie; Ivan, Fransiskus Xaverius; Yin, Rui; Ranganathan, Shoba; Chow, Vincent T. K.; Kwoh, Chee-Keong
2015Computational cell fate modelling for discovery of rewiring in apoptotic network for enhanced cancer drug sensitivityChua, Huey Eng; Zhang, Fan; Zheng, Jie; Mishra, Shital Kumar; Bhowmick, Sourav Saha
2015Computational techniques in mathematical modelling of biological switchesChong, Ket Hing; Samarasinghe, Sandhya; Kulasiri, Don; Zheng, Jie
2018A context-free encoding scheme of protein sequences for predicting antigenicity of diverse influenza A virusesZhou, Xinrui; Yin, Rui; Kwoh, Chee-Keong; Zheng, Jie
2015A crystal structure of the dengue virus NS5 protein reveals a novel inter-domain interface essential for protein flexibility and virus replicationZhao, Yongqian; Soh, Tingjin Sherryl; Zheng, Jie; Chan, Kitti Wing Ki; Phoo, Wint Wint; Lee, Chin Chin; Tay, Moon Y. F.; Swaminathan, Kunchithapadam; Cornvik, Tobias Carl; Lim, Siew Pheng; Shi, Pei-Yong; Lescar, Julien; Vasudevan, Subhash G.; Luo, Dahai
2012Current approaches on viral infection : proteomics and functional validationsSugrue, Richard J.; Zheng, Jie; Tan, Boon Huan; Tang, Kai
2014Differences in meiotic recombination rates in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia at an MHC class II hotspot close to disease associated haplotypesThompson, Pamela; Urayama, Kevin; Zheng, Jie; Yang, Peng; Ford, Matt; Buffler, Patricia; Chokkalingam, Anand; Lightfoot, Tracy; Taylor, Malcolm
2018Dynamical analysis of cellular ageing by modeling of gene regulatory network based attractor landscapeChong, Ket Hing; Zhang, Xiaomeng; Zheng, Jie
2018An encoding scheme capturing generic priors and properties of amino acids improves protein classificationZhou, Xinrui; Yin, Rui; Zheng, Jie; Kwoh, Chee-Keong
2012Epigenetic functions enriched in transcription factors binding to mouse recombination hotspotsWu, Min; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Przytycka, Teresa M.; Li, Jing; Zheng, Jie
2014Finding trans-regulatory genes and protein complexes modulating meiotic recombination hotspots of human, mouse and yeastWu, Min; Kwoh, Chee-Keong; Li, Xiaoli; Zheng, Jie
2011Gene expression and pathway analysis of quiescent CD8+ T cells from liver cancer, liver sinusoid and peripheral blood : study on toxicogenomics and prevention targetingWang, Zhaohui; Hu, Hongliang; Zheng, Jie; Li, Biaoru
2016Generalized logical model based on network topology to capture the dynamical trends of cellular signaling pathwaysZhang, Fan; Chen, Haoting; Zhao, Li Na; Liu, Hui; Przytycka, Teresa M.; Zheng, Jie
2014Genome-wide analysis in Plasmodium falciparum reveals early and late phases of RNA polymerase II occupancy during the infectious cycleRai, Ragini; Zhu, Lei; Chen, Haifen; Gupta, Archana Patkar; Sze, Siu Kwan; Zheng, Jie; Ruedl, Christiane; Bozdech, Zbynek; Featherstone, Mark
 2012Globalized bipartite local model for drug-target interaction predictionMei, Jian-Ping; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Yang, Peng; Li, Xiaoli; Zheng, Jie