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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Measures and Indices for Intrinsic Characterization of Cardiac Dysfunction during Filling & Systolic EjectionZhong, Liang; Ghista, Dhanjoo N.; Lim, Soo Teik; Chua, Siang Jin; Ng, Yin Kwee
2005Passive and active ventricular elastances of the left ventricleZhong, Liang; Ghista, Dhanjoo N; Ng, Eddie Yin Kwee; Lim, Soo Teik
 2014Perspective on CFD studies of coronary artery disease lesions and hemodynamics: A reviewZhang, Jun-Mei; Zhong, Liang; Su, Boyang; Wan, Min; Yap, Jinq Shya; Tham, Jasmine P. L.; Chua, Leok Poh; Ghista, Dhanjoo N.; Tan, Ru San
2020Pulse wave velocity is associated with increased plasma oxLDL in ageing but not with FGF21 and habitual exerciseLee, Shuen Yee; Burns, Stephen F.; Ng, Kenneth K. C.; Stensel, David J.; Zhong, Liang; Tan, Frankie H. Y.; Chia, Kar Ling; Fam, Kai Deng; Yap, Margaret M. C.; Yeo, Kwee Poo; Yap, Eric Peng Huat; Lim, Chin Leong
 2012Three-dimensional MRI-based computational fluid modeling of the left ventricle for patient before and after surgical ventricular restorationKhalafvand, Seyed Saeid; Ng, Eddie Yin-Kwee; Zhong, Liang