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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Leaking strategy for multicast traffic grooming in WDM mesh networksLin, Rongping; Zhong, Wende; Bose, Sanjay Kumar; Zukerman, Moshe
2002Modeling and analysis of random access procedure for TD-SCDMA systemShi, Yang.
 2012Multicast least cost anypath routing : route cost calculations and forwardingMazumdar, Sudha Parimala; Bose, Sanjay Kumar; Zhong, Wende
 2012A new cross-protection dual-WDM-PON architecture with carrier-reuse colorless ONUsZhong, Wende; Zhu, Min.; Xiao, Shilin.; Hu, Weisheng.
2004Noise analysis of photonic packet switching systemsFang, Wei
2015An optimized Gaussian beam for multicell indoor optical wireless communicationsWu, Dehao; Ghassemlooy, Zabih; Zhong, Wende; Chen, Chen
2003Performance evaluation of label switched path establishment in IP/MPLS over optical networksNiu, Xiaomei.
2002Performance evaluation of TCP and UDP implementations over the IEEE 802.11 wireless LANCheong, Iok Leong.
2012Performance improvement of on-off-keying free-space optical transmission systems by a co-propagating reference continuous wave lightWang, Zixiong; Zhong, Wende; Yu, Changyuan; Fu, Songnian
 2012Performance improvement of OOK free-space optical communication systems by coherent detection and dynamic decision threshold in atmospheric turbulence conditionsWang, Zixiong; Zhong, Wende; Yu, Changyuan
2012Performance of a novel LED lamp arrangement to reduce SNR fluctuation for multi-user visible light communication systemsWang, Zixiong; Yu, Changyuan; Zhong, Wende; Chen, Jian; Chen, Wei
2012Performance of dimming control scheme in visible light communication systemWang, Zixiong; Zhong, Wende; Yu, Changyuan; Chen, Jian; Chin, Francois Po Shin; Chen, Wei
 2012Performance of variable M-QAM OFDM visible light communication system with dimming controlWang, Zixiong; Yu, Changyuan; Zhong, Wende; Chen, Jian; Chen, Wei
2012A survivable colorless wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network with centrally controlled intelligent protection schemeZhong, Wende; Zhu, Min.; Xiao, Shilin.
 2012User-oriented visible light communication system with dimming control schemeWang, Zixiong; Chen, Jian; Zhong, Wende; Yu, Changyuan; Chen, Wei