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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Development of Q-switched solid-state lasersHo, Anthony Tung Shuen; Lam, Yee Loy; Zhou, Feng
 2014First principles (DFT) characterization of RhI/dppp-catalyzed C-H activation by tandem 1,2-addition/1,4-Rh shift reactions of norbornene to phenylboronic acidKantchev , Eric Assen B.; Pangestu, Surya R.; Zhou, Feng; Sullivan, Michael B.; Su, Hai-Bin
 2012From benzobisthiadiazole, thiadiazoloquinoxaline to pyrazinoquinoxaline based polymers : effects of aromatic substituents on the performance of organic photovoltaicsTam, Dexter Teck Lip; Salim, Teddy; Li, Hairong; Zhou, Feng; Grimsdale, Andrew C.; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Su, Haibin; Lam, Yeng Ming
 2012Locking high energy 1D chain of dichloromethane molecules containing abnormally short Cl⋯Cl contacts of 2.524 Å inside organic crystalsHuo, Yan-Ping; Zhang, Kun; Zhou, Feng; Fu, Haoliang; Ong, Wei Qiang; Ye, Ruijuan; Yuan, Weixing; Lu, Yu-Jing; Su, Haibin; Zeng, Huaqiang
 2019Melanoma recognition in dermoscopy images via aggregated deep convolutional featuresYu, Zhen; Jiang, Xudong; Zhou, Feng; Qin, Jing; Ni, Dong; Chen, Siping; Lei, Baiying; Wang, Tianfu
2017NHC-Ag/Pd-Catalyzed Reductive Carboxylation of Terminal Alkynes with CO2 and H2: A Combined Experimental and Computational Study for Fine-Tuned SelectivityYu, Dingyi; Zhou, Feng; Lim, Diane S. W.; Su, Haibin; Zhang, Yugen
2019Parkinson's disease diagnosis via joint learning from multiple modalities and relationsLei, Haijun; Huang, Zhongwei; Zhou, Feng; Elazab, Ahmed; Tan, Ee-Leng; Li, Hancong; Qin, Jing; Lei, Baiying
1997Research and development on integrated optical devices based on non-semiconductor materialsKam, Chan Hin; Zhou, Yan; Lam, Yee Loy; Zhou, Feng; Chan, Yuen Chuen
2015Self-sorting heterodimeric coiled coil peptides with defined and tuneable self-assembly propertiesAronsson, Christopher; Dånmark, Staffan; Zhou, Feng; Öberg, Per; Enander, Karin; Su, Haibin; Aili, Daniel
1998Simulation of soliton transmissions in periodic dispersion-managed fiber linksChye, Yew Hee.
 2017Squid suckerin biomimetic peptides form amyloid-like crystals with robust mechanical propertiesHiew, Shu Hui; Sánchez-Ferrer, Antoni; Amini, Shahrouz; Zhou, Feng; Adamcik, Jozef; Guerette, Paul; Su, Haibin; Mezzenga, Raffaele; Miserez, Ali
 2013The structural and bonding evolution in cysteine–gold cluster complexesZhao, Yaxue; Zhou, Feng; Zhou, Huchen; Su, Haibin
2019Structural design of microbicidal cationic oligomers and their synergistic interaction with azoles against Candida albicansYuan, Yuan; Zhou, Feng; Su, Haibin; Zhang, Yugen
 2012Synthesis and characterization of a series of annelated Benzotriazole based polymers with variable bandgapTam, Teck Lip Dexter; Ye, Wanting; Tan, Hong Hup Ronnie; Zhou, Feng; Su, Haibin; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Grimsdale, Andrew C.
 2013Synthesis, characterization, and nonvolatile ternary memory behavior of a larger heteroacene with nine linearly fused rings and two different heteroatomsGu, Pei-Yang; Zhou, Feng; Gao, Junkuo; Li, Gang; Wang, Chengyuan; Xu, Qing-Feng; Zhang, Qichun; Lu, Jian-Mei
 2012Synthesis, structural investigation and computational modelling of water-binding aquafoldamersSu, Haibin; Zeng, Huaqiang; Zhao, Huaiqing; Ong, Wei Qiang; Fang, Xiao; Zhou, Feng; Hii, Meng Ni; Li, Sam Fong Yau