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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2014Semi-Analytic Solution of Multiple Inhomogeneous Inclusions and Cracks in an Infinite SpaceZhou, Kun; Wei, Rongbing; Bi, Guijun; Wang, Xu; Song, Bin; Feng, Xiqiao
2017A semi-analytical model for predicting stress evolution in multilayer coating systems during thermal cyclingLi, Biao; Fan, Xueling; Zhou, Kun; Wang, Tiejun
2018Static and free-vibration analyses of cracks in thin-shell structures based on an isogeometric-meshfree coupling approachNguyen-Thanh, Nhon; Li, Weidong; Zhou, Kun
2018Static, dynamic and buckling analyses of 3D FGM plates and shells via an isogeometric-meshfree coupling approachTan, Pengfei; Nguyen-Thanh, Nhon; Rabczuk, Timon; Zhou, Kun
 2014Steam-induced changes in surface characteristics and corrosion resistance of spark-anodized titaniumChen, Zhaoxiang; Zhou, Kun; Li, Zhong
2018Strain engineering of antimonene by a first-principles study : mechanical and electronic propertiesKripalani, Devesh Raju; Kistanov, Andrey A.; Cai, Yongqing; Xue, Ming; Zhou, Kun
 2012Strain-induced ripples in graphene nanoribbons with clamped edgesZhou, Kun; Baimova, Julia A.; Dmitriev, Sergey V.
 2017Strained single-layer C2N membrane for efficient seawater desalination via forward osmosis : a molecular dynamics study.Liu, Bo; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung; Zhou, Kun
2020Submerged and non-submerged 3D bioprinting approaches for the fabrication of complex structures with the hydrogel pair GelMA and alginate/methylcelluloseLi, Huijun; Tan, Yu Jun; Kiran, Raj; Tor, Shu Beng; Zhou, Kun
2012Superior thermal conductivity and extremely high mechanical strength in polyethylene chains from ab initio calculationJiang, Jin-Wu; Zhao, Junhua; Zhou, Kun; Rabczuk, Timon
 2019Surface discrete breathers in Pt3Al intermetallic alloyZakharov, P. V.; Korznikova, E.; Dmitriev, S.; Ekomasov, E.; Zhou, Kun
2015Surface instability of a semi-infinite isotropic laminated plate under surface van der Waals forcesWang, X.; Xu, Y.; Zhou, Kun
 2014Surface morphology, phase structure and property evolution of anodized titanium during water vapor exposureChen, Zhaoxiang; Zhou, Kun
 2015Synthesis of multimodal porous ZnCo2O4 and its electrochemical properties as an anode material for lithium ion batteriesHao, Shiji; Zhang, Bowei; Ball, Sarah; Copley, Mark; Xu, Zhichuan; Srinivasan, Madhavi; Zhou, Kun; Mhaisalkar, Subodh; Huang, Yizhong
 2017Temperature and strain-rate dependent mechanical properties of single-layer boropheneSha, Zhen-Dong; Pei, Qing-Xiang; Zhou, Kun; Dong, Zhili; Zhang, Yong-Wei
2015Thermal Influence of CNT on the Polyamide 12 Nanocomposite for Selective Laser SinteringBai, Jiaming; Goodridge, Ruth D.; Yuan, Shangqin; Zhou, Kun; Chua, Chee Kai; Wei, Jun
2017Thermionic Energy Conversion Based on Graphene van der Waals HeterostructuresLiang, Shi-Jun; Liu, Bo; Hu, Wei; Zhou, Kun; Ang, L. K.
2018A thermo-mechanical coupling model for predicting temperature and residual stress fields in selective laser meltingTan, Pengfei; Shen, Fei; Zhou, Kun
2019A thermo-metallurgical-mechanical model for selective laser melting of Ti6Al4VLi, Biao; Zhou, Kun; Tan, Pengfei; Shen, Fei
 2014Three-phase elliptical inclusions with internal uniform hydrostatic stress resultants in isotropic laminated platesWang, Xu; Zhou, Kun