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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Joining of magnesium alloysLong, Tianzhong.
2017Laser polishing of additive manufactured Ti alloysMa, C. P.; Guan, Y. C.; Zhou, Wei
2019Laser surface hardening of AISI 1055 steel in water submerged conditionZhou, Wei; Zhou, Yu; Wu, Naien; Maharjan, Niroj
2017Laser Surface Processing of Hot Rolled Ni-45.0at.%Ti Shape Memory AlloyMa, Chengpeng; Guan, Yingchun; Zhou, Wei
2013Laser-induced microstructural development and phase evolution in magnesium alloyGuan, Yingchun; Zhou, Wei; Li, Z. L.; Zheng, H. Y.
2015Local bond-electron-energy relaxation of Mo atomic clusters and solid skinsZhou, Wei; Bo, Maolin; Wang, Yan; Huang, Yongli; Li, Can; Sun, Chang Qing
2015Low power bandgap voltage referencesZhou, Wei
2016Magneto-absorption effects in magnetic-field assisted laser ablation of silicon by UV nanosecond pulsesFarrokhi, Hamid; Gruzdev, V.; Zheng, Hong Yu; Rawat, R. S.; Zhou, Wei
 2018Materials design for ceramic oxygen permeation membranes : single perovskite vs. single/double perovskite composite, a case study of tungsten-doped barium strontium cobalt ferriteZhang, Junxing; Zhang, Zhenbao; Chen, Yubo; Xu, Xiaomin; Zhou, Chuan; Yang, Guangming; Zhou, Wei; Shao, Zongping
2016Microstructural study of bearing material failure due to rolling contact fatigue in wind turbine gearboxMaharjan, Niroj; Zhou, Wei; Zhou, Yu
2019Microstructure and mechanical properties of diffusion bonded W/MA956 steel joints with a titanium interlayer by SPSKong, Weiqing; Li, Xianfen; Chen, Boyan; Wang, Chunyan; Chu, Haojie; Chen, Yuanting; Hua, Peng; Zhou, Wei
2018Microstructure and properties of the laser cladding ODS layers on CLAM steelLi, Xianfen; Chu, Haojie; Chen, Yuanting; Hua, Peng; Wang, Guoping; Kong, Weiqing; Chen, Jun; Wu, Yucheng; Zhou, Wei
 2018A modular strategy for decorating isolated cobalt atoms into multichannel carbon matrix for electrocatalytic oxygen reductionZhang, Huabin; Zhou, Wei; Chen, Tao; Guan, Bu Yuan; Li, Zhen; Lou, David Xiong Wen
 2018Nickel interlayer on the microstructure and property of TC6 to copper alloy diffusion bondingGao, Linfeng; Li, Xianfen; Hua, Peng; Wang, Meng; Zhou, Wei
2012Non-ablative texturing of silicon surface with a continuous wave fiber laserFarrokhi, H.; Zheng, H. Y.; Li, Z. L.; Zhou, Wei
 2012Non-contact measurement for 3D profile of hybrid metal thin film by white-light interference systemZhu, Shaoli; Zhou, Wei; Song, Yunfeng
 2014Numerical simulation of non-ablative laser texturing of silicon surface with a continuous wave fiber laserFarrokhi, Hamid; Zhou, Wei; Zheng, Hongyu; Li, Zhongli
2012Plasmonic properties of two-dimensional metallic nanoholes fabricated by focused ion beam lithographyZhu, Shaoli; Zhou, Wei
2000Processing and performance of magnesium die castingsHuang, Yingjue.
2003Quantitative image analysis of microstructures and application to the study of fracture in compositesZhou, Wei; Loh, Nee Lam; Yang, Lin Jiang