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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Magneto-absorption effects in magnetic-field assisted laser ablation of silicon by UV nanosecond pulsesFarrokhi, Hamid; Gruzdev, V.; Zheng, Hong Yu; Rawat, R. S.; Zhou, Wei
 2018Materials design for ceramic oxygen permeation membranes : single perovskite vs. single/double perovskite composite, a case study of tungsten-doped barium strontium cobalt ferriteZhang, Junxing; Zhang, Zhenbao; Chen, Yubo; Xu, Xiaomin; Zhou, Chuan; Yang, Guangming; Zhou, Wei; Shao, Zongping
2016Microstructural study of bearing material failure due to rolling contact fatigue in wind turbine gearboxMaharjan, Niroj; Zhou, Wei; Zhou, Yu
2019Microstructure and mechanical properties of diffusion bonded W/MA956 steel joints with a titanium interlayer by SPSKong, Weiqing; Li, Xianfen; Chen, Boyan; Wang, Chunyan; Chu, Haojie; Chen, Yuanting; Hua, Peng; Zhou, Wei
2018Microstructure and properties of the laser cladding ODS layers on CLAM steelLi, Xianfen; Chu, Haojie; Chen, Yuanting; Hua, Peng; Wang, Guoping; Kong, Weiqing; Chen, Jun; Wu, Yucheng; Zhou, Wei
 2018A modular strategy for decorating isolated cobalt atoms into multichannel carbon matrix for electrocatalytic oxygen reductionZhang, Huabin; Zhou, Wei; Chen, Tao; Guan, Bu Yuan; Li, Zhen; Lou, David Xiong Wen
 2018Nickel interlayer on the microstructure and property of TC6 to copper alloy diffusion bondingGao, Linfeng; Li, Xianfen; Hua, Peng; Wang, Meng; Zhou, Wei
2012Non-ablative texturing of silicon surface with a continuous wave fiber laserFarrokhi, H.; Zheng, H. Y.; Li, Z. L.; Zhou, Wei
 2012Non-contact measurement for 3D profile of hybrid metal thin film by white-light interference systemZhu, Shaoli; Zhou, Wei; Song, Yunfeng
 2014Numerical simulation of non-ablative laser texturing of silicon surface with a continuous wave fiber laserFarrokhi, Hamid; Zhou, Wei; Zheng, Hongyu; Li, Zhongli
2012Plasmonic properties of two-dimensional metallic nanoholes fabricated by focused ion beam lithographyZhu, Shaoli; Zhou, Wei
2000Processing and performance of magnesium die castingsHuang, Yingjue.
2003Quantitative image analysis of microstructures and application to the study of fracture in compositesZhou, Wei; Loh, Nee Lam; Yang, Lin Jiang
2019Rapid, high-resolution, label-free, and 3-dimensional imaging to differentiate colorectal adenomas and non-neoplastic polyps with micro-optical coherence tomographyDing, Qianshan; Deng, Yunchao; Yu, Xiaojun; Yuan, Jingping; Zeng, Zhi; Mu, Ganggang; Wan, Xinyue; Zhang, Jun; Zhou, Wei; Huang, Li; Yao, Liwen; Gong, Dexin; Chen, Mingkai; Zhu, Xu; Liu, Linbo; Yu, Honggang
 2018Rational design of superior, coking-resistant, nickel-based anodes through tailoring interfacial reactions for solid oxide fuel cells operated on methane fuelQu, Jifa; Wang, Wei; Chen, Yubo; Li, Haidong; Zhong, Yijun; Yang, Guangming; Zhou, Wei; Shao, Zongping
 2011Self-organization of ripples on Ti irradiated with focused ion beamQian, H. X.; Zhou, Wei
2001Study of corrosion in magnesium alloysNaing Naing Aung
1998Study of impact properties of materials by instrumented impact testingZheng, Qi.
2018Surface ablation of 52100 bearing steel using femtosecond laser irradiationMaharjan, Niroj; Zhou, Wei; Zhou, Yu
2018Surface modulation of hierarchical MoS2 nanosheets by Ni single atoms for enhanced electrocatalytic hydrogen evolutionZhang, Huabin; Yu, Le; Chen, Tao; Zhou, Wei; Lou, David Xiong Wen