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2021Biogeochemical cycling and environmental footprints of peatland-derived organic carbon in the coastal ocean in Southeast AsiaZhou, Yongli
2019Composition and cycling of dissolved organic matter from tropical peatlands of coastal Sarawak, Borneo, revealed by fluorescence spectroscopy and parallel factor analysisZhou, Yongli; Martin, Patrick; Müller, Moritz
2022Environmental calibration of coral luminescence as a proxy for terrigenous dissolved organic carbon concentration in tropical coastal oceansKaushal, Nikita; Tanzil, Jani T. I.; Zhou, Yongli; Ong, Maria Rosabelle; Goodkin, Nathalie F.; Martin, Patrick
2021Extensive remineralization of peatland-derived dissolved organic carbon and acidification in the Sunda Shelf Sea, Southeast AsiaZhou, Yongli; Evans, Christopher D.; Chen, Yuan; Chang, Kristy Y. W.; Martin, Patrick
2022Monsoon-driven biogeochemical dynamics in an equatorial shelf sea: time-series observations in the Singapore StraitMartin, Patrick; Moynihan, Molly A.; Chen, Shuang; Woo, Oon Yee; Zhou, Yongli; Nichols, Robert S.; Chang, Kristy Y. W.; Tan, Ashleen S. Y.; Chen, Ying-Hsuan; Ren, Haojia; Chen, Mengli