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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Enhancing spin-phonon and spin-spin interactions using linear resources in a hybrid quantum systemLi, Peng-Bo; Zhou, Yuan; Gao, Wei-Bo; Nori, Franco
 2012First-principle studies of properties of ternary layered M2PbC (M=Ti, Zr and Hf)Qian, Xukun; Wang, Ning; Li, Yuxiang; Zhou, Yuan; Wu, Huaxia; Li, Yibin; He, Xiaodong
 2020Guardauto: a decentralized runtime protection system for autonomous drivingCheng, Kun; Zhou, Yuan; Chen, Bihuan; Wang, Rui; Bai, Yuebin; Liu, Yang
2012Indoor localization with ultra wideband radioZhou, Yuan
2004Mechatronics design and real time control of a mobile robot with passive involute shape auxiliary devicesZhou, Yuan
 2017Modeling self-adaptive software systems by fuzzy rules and Petri netsDing, Zuohua; Zhou, Yuan; Zhou, Mengchu
2014Part I Targeting RNA duplexes with modified triplex-forming oligonucleotides Part II Allostery within a Watson-Crick RNA duplex and its application in studying RNA recognition by RIG-IZhou, Yuan
2014RNA triplexes : from structural principles to biological and biotech applicationsDevi, Gitali; Zhou, Yuan; Zhong, Zhensheng; Toh, Desiree-Faye Kaixin; Chen, Gang
2020Scheduling dual-arm cluster tools with multiple wafer types and residency time constraintsWang, Jipeng; Hu, Hesuan; Pan, Chunrong; Zhou, Yuan; Li, Liang
2021Selecting correct methods to extract fuzzy rules from artificial neural networkTan, Xiao; Zhou, Yuan; Ding, Zuohua; Liu, Yang
2012Synthesis, design and implementation of ultra-wideband impulse radio active MMIC matched filtersXia, Jingjing; Law, Choi Look; Zhou, Yuan
 2012Ultra low-power UWB-RFID system for precise location-aware applicationsZhou, Yuan; Law, Choi Look; Xia, Jingjing