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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Super-compact bandpass filter based on a novel resonator composed of two strongly-coupled λ/4 sub-resonatorsZhang, Songbai; Zhu, Lei; Li, Rui
2014Synthesis and design of dual-wideband bandpass filters with internally-coupled microstrip linesZhang, Runqi; Zhu, Lei
 2012Synthesis design of a wideband bandpass filter with inductively coupled short-circuited multi-mode resonatorZhang, Runqi; Zhu, Lei
2019Transcriptome profiling reveals functional variation in Plasmodium falciparum parasites from controlled human malaria infection studiesHoo, Regina; Bruske, Ellen; Dimonte, Sandra; Zhu, Lei; Mordmüller, Benjamin; Sim, B. Kim Lee; Kremsner, Peter G.; Hoffman, Stephen L.; Bozdech, Zbynek; Frank, Matthias; Preiser, Peter Rainer
 2012Triple-mode bandpass filters on stub-loaded resonator with novel I/O coupling schemeZhang, Songbai; Zhu, Lei
 2013Tunable bandpass filter with independently controllable dual passbandsHuang, Xiaoguo; Zhu, Lei; Feng, Quanyuan; Xiang, Qianyin; Jia, Dinghong
2000Ultra-wide band (UWB) bandpass filters with improved upper-stopband performanceWong, Sai Wai.