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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Fabrication and characterization of microelectronic circuits and systems (II)Zhu, Weiguang
2003Fabrication and characterization of microelectronic devices, circuits and systems VPita, K.; Chan, Yuen Chuen; Zhu, Weiguang; Tang, Dingyuan
1998Fabrication and characterization of semiconductor gas senors by Metallo-Organic Decomposition (MOD) and thick film technologyZhu, Weiguang
1999Ferroelectric and semiconductor film gas sensorsTan, Ooi Kiang.
1996Ferroelectric Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) thin films by metallo-organic decomposition (MOD) technology for memory applicationsLiu, Zhi Qing.
2000Ferroelectric thin films by RF sputtering technologyZhu, Weiguang
2001Ferroelectric thin films for hydrogen gas sensorDeng, Jie
2001Ferroelectric thin films using RF sputtering and SOL-GEL technology for electronic devicesChen, Xiaofeng.
2015Gate-tuned quantum oscillations of topological surface states in β-Ag2TeSulaev, Azat; Zhu, Weiguang; Teo, Kie Leong; Wang, Lan
 2013Giant flexoelectric polarization in a micromachined ferroelectric diaphragmZhu, Weiguang; Wang, Zhihong; Zhang, Xi Xiang; Wang, Xianbin; Yue, Weisheng; Li, Jingqi; Miao, Jianmin
2005Improvement on the uniformity and deviation of structured patterns for surface acoustic wave filtersOng, Eunice Ho Hui.
2002Improvement on within wafer and wafer-to-wafer uniformity by chemical mechanical polishing (CMP)Wu, Hong Ying.
 2012Interface and surface cation stoichiometry modified by oxygen vacancies in epitaxial manganite filmsLi, Zhi Peng; Bosman, Michel; Yang, Zhen; Ren, Peng; Wang, Lan; Zhu, Weiguang; Dong, Zhili; Foo, Yong Lim; Cao, Liang; Yu, Xiaojiang; Ke, Chang; Breese, Mark B. H.; Rusydi, Andrivo
2014Literature study on air pollution detection and environmental protection using nanotechnologyXu, Xiao Zhao
2016Modulation of electronic properties from stacking orders and spin-orbit coupling for 3R-type MoS2Fan, Xiaofeng; Kuo, Jer-Lai; Zheng, Wei Tao; Singh, David Joseph; Sun, Chang Qing; Zhu, Weiguang
2009Nano-structured ferroelectromagnetic superlattices by laser MBE for spintronicsZhu, Weiguang; Sun, Changqing; Dong, Zhili; Liu, Bo
1999Piezoelectric thick film micro-actuators for computer hard disk drives applicationsZhang, Zhe.
2000Piezoelectric transformer for the high frequency switching power supplyJin, Ying
 2011PrefaceKim, Hyeong Joon; Nan, Ce Wen; Takenaka, Tadashi; Kim, Eung Soo; Zhu, Weiguang
2004Scanning capacitance microscopy and related technologies for semiconductor device characterizationsJiang, Yaoyao