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2013从《史记·汲郑列传》管窥太史公之史法与笔法 = A restricted view on SIMA Qian’s historical method and writing technique from Ji An & Zheng Dangshi, Memoir 60曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi; 李佳 Li, Jia
2012《史记·东越列传》五题 = Five topics on memoir of Eastern Yue in Shiji曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi
2014《史记·东越列传》的细读及其英译问题 = Close reading to memoir of East Yue in Shiji and its English translation曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi
2015《史记·滑稽列传》四题 = Four topics on memoir of Guji in Shiji曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi
 2011唐代“大手笔”作家考论 = Textual research on Tang “Dashoubi” prose writers曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi
2013“大手笔”作家视域下的唐文演进论 = Theoretical evolution of Tang prose in the perspective of “Dashoubi” prose writers曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi
2018幽禁中之丰姿,落寞中之妖冶:《唐詩名媛集》述評 = Charming in silence and coquettish in desolate : a commentary on Tangshi Mingyuan Ji曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi
 2013开放包容成就共生共荣 : 从《谏逐客书》的教学论新加坡政府的移民政策 = Opening-up and inclusiveness make co-existence and co-prosperity : on Singapore immigration policy from teaching “Jian Zhuke Shu”曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi
2015文学经典的现代性转化:新加坡高校华文学教学的案例解析 = Modernization of culture classics : case studies of Chinese pedagogy in Singapore higher education曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi; 李佳 Li, Jia
2012“文章四友”新论:以李峤、崔融之应用文书写为探讨中心 = New perspectives on “Wenzhang siyou” : focus on Li Qiao and Cui Rong’s practical prose曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi
 2010李德裕与中晚唐赋的发展 = On Li Deyu’s Fu prose and Fu prose development in the middle and late Tang曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi
2015王安石文新注 = Anthology and annotation of Wang Anshi’s prose曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi
2012美国汉学家倪豪士教授的《史记》英译与研究 = American sinologist professor Nienhauser’s translation and research on Shiji曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi
2014论《后汉书》之“论赞”于“迁固之道”的突破 = Study on the breakthrough of Lun and Zan in history of Eastern Han to Sima Qian and Ban Gu曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi; 关天辰 Guan, Tianchen
 2019论《唐诗艳逸品》之版本与文献问题 - 兼谈其作为晚明商业出版物之特色 = Approaching Tang Shi Yan Yi Pin from its editions and documents : discussion on its characteristics as a late Ming commercial publication曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi; 王治田 Wang, Zhitian
 2016论中唐宰相李吉甫之政治功业与应用文书写 = Research on middle Tang prime minister Li Jifu’s political achievements and literary writings曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi
 2015论唐代“大手笔”作家之声名消解与历史遮蔽 = Research on dispelling literary reputation and historical concealment of Tang “Dashoubi” writers曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi
2014论张说的尚奇与传奇 = Pursuing strangeness in Zhang Yue’s prose and his Chuanqi tales曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi
2011论李德裕的公文制作 = On LI Deyu’s composition of official documents曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi
 2015论范晔《后汉书》群像列传之“论赞” = Study on Fan Ye’s “Lun” and “Zan” of selected collective biographies in history of Eastern Han关天辰 Guan, Tianchen; 曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi