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2014《从“同性恋爱”到“走向革命”:《我的童年》与郭沫若日后的“自我改造”》= “From homosexuality to revolution : on the years of my boyhood and Kuo Mo-jo’s later-day ‘‘self-reform’‘許维贤 Hee, Wai Siam
 2008从荒域到V城:王韬和董启章的香港故事与男性建构 = Stories of Hong Kong : a masculinity perspective on Wang Tao and Dung Kai Cheung’s writings許维贤 Hee, Wai Siam
2011《华语电影-命名的起点:论易水的电影实践与《马来亚化华语电影问题》= The origins of the term "Chinese-language Cinema" : on Yi Shui’s practice of filming and "on issues of the Malayanization of Chinese-language cinema”許维贤 Hee, Wai Siam
2009四面楚歌下的同志再现:李碧华和陈凯歌对《霸王别姬》的改写 = Representations of the besieged “Comrade” : Li Bihua's and Chen Kaige's adaptations of the Peking Opera “Farewell My Concubine”許维贤 Hee, Wai Siam
2011“性育”的底线:以张竞生主编的《新文化》月刊为中心 = The bottom-line of “sex education” : focusing on the Journal New Culture, edited by Zhang Jingsheng許维贤 Hee, Wai Siam
2013拜物、恋物与格物:以董启章《天工开物.栩栩如真》为中心 = Fetishism, commodity fetishism and the quest for knowledge : focusing on the work of nature, the work of man : a practical guide to imaginary inventions by Dung Kai-cheung許维贤 Hee, Wai Siam
2013《新客》:从“华语语系”论新马生产的首部电影》 = "Xin Ke" 新客 (new immigrant) : the first locally produced film in Singapore and Malaysia from a sinophone perspective許维贤 Hee, Wai Siam
2009现代中国“同志”的修辞学 -- 从郁达夫的《茫茫夜》到王小波的《革命时期的爱情》和《东宫.西宫》= The rhetoric of “Comrade” in modern China : from Yu Dafu's "Boundless Night" to Wang Xiaobo's "Love in the Revolutionary Period" and "East Palace, West Palace"許维贤 Hee, Wai Siam
2012[着魔 : 论高行健的 "没有主义" 和 "毛体"] = Obsession : on Gao Xingjian’s “without Isms” and “Maoist style”許维贤 Hee, Wai Siam
2008《越界之恋与现代性的欲望想像:论王韬〈淞隐漫录〉与〈漫游随录〉的漫游、言情与追忆》= The desire in crossing the border and the imagining of desire in modernity : a study of the wanderings, romances and reminiscences in Wangtao’s “SongYin ManLu” and “ManYou SuiLu"許维贤 Hee, Wai Siam