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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Afghan Taliban’s IS dilemmaAbdul Basit
 2020Barelvi political activism and religious mobilization in Pakistan : the case of Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan (TLP)Abdul Basit
2016The Coming Political Crisis in AfghanistanAbdul Basit
2012The endgame in Afghanistan : Pakistan's perspective and policyAbdul Basit
2017Growing Russian Involvement in AfghanistanAbdul Basit
2016India-Pakistan Tensions: Back to the Future in South Asia?Abdul Basit
2021Inorganic thermoelectric fibers: a review of materials, fabrication methods, and applicationsXin, Jiwu; Abdul Basit; Li, Sihui; Danto, Sylvain; Tjin, Swee Chuan; Wei, Lei
2016Iran-Taliban Cooperation: New Dimension in Afghan Conflict?Abdul Basit
2016IS Threat in South Asia: A Growing RealityAbdul Basit
2016The Lahore attack: limits of Pakistan's counter-terrorism policyAbdul Basit
2016Mosul Operation: The Endgame for IS?Abdul Basit
2015Mullah Umar's death: implications of Taliban leader's demiseAbdul Basit
2015Pakistan & the Yemen war : perils of joining the Saudi-led coalitionAbdul Basit
2020Pakistan stock exchange attack : new wave of ethno-separatist violence?Abdul Basit
2013Pakistan's 2013 elections : a milestone, but fragile democracyAbdul Basit
2014Pakistan's home-grown terrorism threat : war beyond 2014Abdul Basit
2013Pakistan's year of transitionAbdul Basit
2014Power transition in Afghanistan : challenges aheadAbdul Basit
2021Taliban's return to power : boost for global jihadism?Abdul Basit
2016Trump’s Victory: Future of US-Pakistan RelationsAbdul Basit