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2012Detailed study of surface-enhanced Raman scattering from metallic nanosculptured thin films and their potential for biosensingShalabney, Atef; Khare, Chinmay; Bauer, Jens; Rauschenbach, Bernd; Abdulhalim, Ibrahim
 2011Dielectric coated plasmonic interfaces: their interest for sensitive sensing of analyte-ligand interactionsSzunerits, Sabine; Shalabney, Atef; Boukherroub, Rabah; Abdulhalim, Ibrahim
2019Enhanced transition-temperature reduction in a half-sphere Au/VO2 core-shell structure : local plasmonics versus induced stress and percolation effectsWang, Shancheng; Wang, Peikui; Balin, Igal; Long, Yi; Abdulhalim, Ibrahim
2012Figure-of-merit enhancement of surface plasmon resonance sensors in the spectral interrogationShalabney, A.; Abdulhalim, Ibrahim
 2020Functionalized silicon dioxide self-referenced plasmonic chip as point-of-care biosensor for stroke biomarkers NT-proBNP and S100βKoh, Brescia; Seet, Raymond C. S.; Abdulhalim, Ibrahim; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong
 2012Metallic nanosculptured thin films for biosensing applications using surface Plasmon resonance and enhanced spectroscopiesShalabney, Atef; Khare, Chinmay; Rauschenbach, Bernd; Abdulhalim, Ibrahim
2012Microspot sensing based on surface-enhanced fluorescence from nanosculptured thin filmsKarabchevsky, Alina; Khare, Chinmay; Rauschenbach, Bernd; Abdulhalim, Ibrahim
 2014Plasmonic sensing using metallic nano-sculptured thin filmsAbdulhalim, Ibrahim
 2012Prism dispersion effects in near-guided-wave surface plasmon resonance sensorsShalabney, Atef; Abdulhalim, Ibrahim
 2014SERS biosensor using metallic nano-sculptured thin films for the detection of endocrine disrupting compound biomarker vitellogeninSrivastava, Sachin K.; Shalabney, Atef; Khalaila, Isam; Grüner, Christoph; Rauschenbach, Bernd; Abdulhalim, Ibrahim
2013Study of immobilization procedure on silver nanolayers and detection of estrone with diverged beam Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) ImagingKarabchevsky, Alina; Tsapovsky, Lev; Marks, Robert; Abdulhalim, Ibrahim
2018Ultrafast laser induced nanostructured ITO for liquid crystal alignment and higher transparency electrodesSolodar, A.; Cerkauskaite, A.; Drevinskas, R.; Kazansky, P. G.; Abdulhalim, Ibrahim