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 2014Comparative studies on rigid π linker-based organic dyes : structure-property relationships and photovoltaic performanceLi, Hairong; Koh, Teck Ming; Hao, Yan; Zhou, Feng; Abe, Yuichiro; Su, Haibin; Hagfeldt, Anders; Grimsdale, Andrew C.
 2018Efficient room-temperature phosphorescence from organic–inorganic hybrid perovskites by molecular engineeringHu, Hongwei; Meier, Fabian; Zhao, Daming; Abe, Yuichiro; Gao, Yang; Chen, Bingbing; Salim, Teddy; Chia, Elbert Ee Min; Qiao, Xianfeng; Deibel, Carsten; Lam, Yeng Ming
2017Engineering of thienothiophene-based conjugated molecules for the development of efficient P-type semiconductorAbe, Yuichiro