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 2012Biotin analogues with antibacterial activity are potent inhibitors of biotin protein ligaseTieu, William; Zvarec, Ondrej; Bell, Jan M.; Turnidge, John D.; Wallace, John C.; Soares da Costa, Tatiana P.; Yap, Min Y.; Booker, Grant W.; Wilce, Matthew C. J.; Abell, Andrew D.; Polyak, Steven W.
 2012New tripeptide-based macrocyclic calpain inhibitors formed by N-alkylation of histidineChen, Hongyuan; Jiao, Wanting; Bickerstaffe, Roy; Zvarec, Ondrej; Jones, Matthew A.; Coxon, James M.; Morton, James D.; Pehere, Ashok D.; Abell, Andrew D.
 2013Synthesis and extended activity of triazole-containing macrocyclic protease inhibitorsPehere, Ashok D.; Pietsch, Markus; Gütschow, Michael; Neilsen, Paul M.; Pedersen, Daniel Sejer; Nguyen, Steven; Zvarec, Ondrej; Sykes, Matthew J.; Callen, David F.; Abell, Andrew D.