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2004Blind signal processing using plane rotationsPerumal Manimaran.
 2012Colocated MIMO radar transmit beamforming using orthogonal waveformsHua, Guang.; Abeysekera, Saman S.
2003Comparative study of pitch estimation for speech and musicChandrahasan Anandan.
2000Comparison of different demodulator fliters for sigma-delta modulatorXue, Yao.
2014Efficient estimation of a sequence of frequencies for M-ary CPFSK demodulationAbeysekera, Saman S.
2004Efficient search algorithms for adaptive filteringZhao, Cheng.
2001Families of binary sequences with good correlation propertiesLim, Chai Soon.
2014Joint data detection and channel estimation for coded and uncoded continuous phase modulation signalsWang, Wenwen; Abeysekera, Saman S.
 2012Joint data detection and channel estimation for CPM in frequency-flat fading channelWang, Wenwen.; Abeysekera, Saman S.
2002Model of synchronizer and desynchronizer system to investigate the effect of different pulse stuffing techniques in SONET/SDH networksChakravarty, Barish
2013Novel adaptive soft input soft output demodulator for serially concatenated CPM signalsWang, Wenwen.; Abeysekera, Saman S.
2013On the transmit beampattern design using Mimo and phased-array radarHua, Guang.; Abeysekera, Saman S.
 2011Robust and efficient singular-value decomposition based algorithm for AUV localization and synchronizationAbeysekera, Saman S.
2015Robust transmit beampattern design for uniform linear arrays using correlated LFM waveformsHua, Guang; Abeysekera, Saman S.
2004Spectral analysis of Fourier transform mass spectrometry dataImanuel, Denny
 2013Time-frequency and time-frequency-rate representations using the cross quadratic spectrumAbeysekera, Saman S.