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 2017Contribution of osmotic suction to shear strength of unsaturated high plasticity silty soilLeong, Eng-Choon; Abuel-Naga, Hossam
2021Design of mass burial sites for safe and dignified disposal of pandemic fatalitiesLeong, Eng Choon; Abuel-Naga, Hossam; Goli, Venkata Siva Naga Sai; Jha, Bhagwanjee; Pathak, Pankaj; Singh, Devendra Narain
 2018Effect of water salinity on the water retention curve of geosynthetic clay linersLu, Yi; Abuel-Naga, Hossam; Leong, Eng-Choon; Bouazza, Abdelmalek; Lock, Peter
 2018Series-parallel structure-oriented electrical conductivity model of saturated claysMd Farhad Hasan; Abuel-Naga, Hossam; Broadbridge, Philip; Leong, Eng Choon