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2012Counter-Radicalisation in Indonesia: Fighting a Mutating OrganismAdhi Priamarizki
2013Counter-terrorism in Indonesia : the end of special detachment 88?Adhi Priamarizki
2014The economics of Indonesia's election campaignsAdhi Priamarizki; Filtri Bintang Timur
2015Fourth PDIP Congress 2015 : reconciling the President and his PartyAdhi Priamarizki
2013Indonesia's national elections : Islamic parties at the crossroadsAdhi Priamarizki
2014Indonesia's presidential campaign : the economic agendaAdhi Priamarizki; Fitri Bintang Timur
2013Indonesia's Sukhoi acquisitions: a mixed bag of toolsAdhi Priamarizki; Fitriani Bintang Timur
2013Indonesia’s democratic evolution : political engineering post-reformasiAdhi Priamarizki; Chen, Jonathan
2015Indonesia’s Submarines Procurement Plan: Spearheading Jakarta’s Maritime Ambition?Adhi Priamarizki; Fitri Bintang Timur; Keoni Indrabayu Marzuki
2013Indonesia’s subsidies for cash : economics over politics?Adhi Priamarizki; Chen, Jonathan
2015Jokowi’s cabinet reshuffle : juggling performance, patronage and politicsSebastian, Leonard C.; Tiola Javadi; Adhi Priamarizki
2012North Korea : is it really a serious threat?Adhi Priamarizki
2014Popular mandate and the coming-of-age of social media's presence in Indonesia politics post-reformasiAdhi Priamarizki; Chen, Jonathan
2014Simultaneous election in 2019 : strong parliament, weak presidency?Adhi Priamarizki; Chen, Jonathan