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2013The abduction of Libya’s prime minister : militias run rampantAhmed Salah Hashim
2013Attack on Iran’s embassy : who are the Abdullah Azzam Brigades?Ahmed Salah Hashim
2013Attack on nigerian college : Boko Haram’s War on western education?Ahmed Salah Hashim
2020The Bangsamoro cause : reframing insurgent mobilisation and counterinsurgency in the Southern PhilippinesMathew Lauren Bukit
2016Can Asians Fight?Ahmed Salah Hashim
2018The challenge posed by the islamic state to the westphalian system in the middle eastXue, Jianyue
 2018Civil-military relations in Iran : internal and external pressuresAhmed Salah Hashim
2019Contemporary jihadi terrorism : defending the city-state of Singapore against the asymmetric enemyMuhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman
2015Crossing the rubicon : examining Hezbollah's Syrian interventionLye, Ian Chi Hsiung
2020Iranian General’s Killing : How Will Iran Respond?Ahmed Salah Hashim
2013Land of the ‘Boutique Jihad’: the foreign fighters in SyriaAhmed Salah Hashim
2013The rise of islamist militancy in East Africa : Al Qaeda’s next target?Ahmed Salah Hashim
2016Saudi-Iranian Rivalry and Conflict: Shia Province as Casus Belli?Ahmed Salah Hashim
2015The threat of talibanisation of Pakistan : a case study of federally administered tribal areas (FATA) and north west frontier province (NWFP)Syed Adnan Ali Shah Bukhari
2013Urban guerrilla warfare.Tan, Tabitha Yueh Li.
2013US decapitation raids : targeting terrorist leadershipsAhmed Salah Hashim