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2002Characterization of amorphous silicon carbide thin films for display applicationsAhn, Jaeshin; Yoon, Soon Fatt
2006Effects of diamond-like carbon and other dielectric layers on EPCOS SAW devices and structured wafersYoon, Soon Fatt; Zhang, Qing; Ahn, Jaeshin; Zhou, Qiang; Tian, Jingze
2001Fabrication and characterization of microelectronic devices, circuits and systemAhn, Jaeshin
2004Industrial attachment final report with IBM, SingaporeZhang, Jian
2002Investigation of carbon nanotubes for field emission applicationZhang, Qing; Ahn, Jaeshin; Rusli; Ligatchev, Valari; Yu, Mingbin; Yoon, Soon Fatt
2000Ion gun development/Ion beam etching and deposition system developmentAhn, Jaeshin
2003Nanofabrication of magnetic thin films for high-density data storage applicationSun, Changqing; Tay, Beng Kang; Lau, Daniel Shu Ping; Sun, Xiaowei; Li, Sean Suixiang; Rusli; Ahn, Jaeshin; Zhang, Qing
2000A steady-state RF inductively coupled plasma source for plasma processingXu, Shuyan; Ahn, Jaeshin; Ostrikov, Kostyantyn