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 2020Concurrent instabilities causing multiple rogue waves in infinite-dimensional dynamical systemsChowdury, Amdad; Akhmediev, Nail; Chang, Wonkeun
 2018Empirical formulae for dispersion and effective mode area in hollow-core antiresonant fibersHasan, Md. Imran; Akhmediev, Nail; Chang, Wonkeun
2019Midinfrared pulse generation by pumping in the normal-dispersion regime of a gas-filled hollow-core fiberHasan, Md Imran; Akhmediev, Nail; Mussot, Arnaud; Chang, Wonkeun
2018Modulation instability in higher-order nonlinear Schrödinger equationsChowdury, Amdad; Ankiewicz, Adrian; Akhmediev, Nail; Chang, Wonkeun