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2002Announcement effect of macroeconomic indicators on the U.S. dollar/Canadian dollar exchange rate.Cheu, Lai Peng.; Neo, Sor Hoon.; Teo, Yun San.
2000Business study mission to Mexico : foreign investment including regulations and legal issuesLim, Soon Peng; Parakkal, Sheela; Tay, Bernadette; Ladamuthu, Thanabalan
2000Business study mission to Mexico tradeKho, Kaidy Kosim; Dharma Nadarajah; Cheng, Catherine Ooi Lan
 2012Corporate governance and FDIm : firm-level evidence from Japanese FDI into the USWang, Peiming; Alba, Joseph Dennis; Park, Donghyun
 2012Determinants of different modes of FDI : firm-level evidence from Japanese FDI into the USWang, Peiming; Alba, Joseph Dennis; Park, Donghyun
2017Does wage-inflation targeting complement foreign exchange intervention? An evaluation of a multi-target, two-instrument monetary policy frameworkXie, Taojun; Liu, Jingting; Chia, Wai-Mun; Alba, Joseph Dennis
2000Evidence for purchasing power parity under the current float : economic applications using panel data unit root test.Lim, Siew Ming.; Ng, Yi Ping.
2020Foreign output shock in small open economies : a welfare evaluation of monetary policy regimesAlba, Joseph Dennis; Liu, Jingting; Chia, Wai-Mun; Park, Donghyun
2000Government policy of Mexico : a study of the political system, monetary policy, fiscal policy and structural reforms.Chan, Peng Guan.; Koh, Jean.; Tay, Freida Hsiang Kee.; Teo, Hui Leng.
2018Intellectual property rights, informal economy, and FDI into developing countriesLee, Minsoo; Alba, Joseph Dennis; Park, Donghyun
1998Interdependence among emerging Asian stock markets.Koh, Hock Ghee.
1998The role of exchange and interest rate risk in the pricing of shares on the Singapore stock market.Lee, Lai See.; Lim, Siang Thnia.; Seah, Joyce Pmey Leng.
1999Roles of exchange rate and interest rate risks in the stock valuation for selected East Asian economiesVirile
2016Taylor rule and discretionary regimes in the United States: evidence from a k-state Markov switching modelAlba, Joseph Dennis; Wang, Peiming