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2020Crystals reveal magma convection and melt transport in dyke-fed eruptionsAlbert, Helena; Larrea, Patricia; Costa, Fidel; Widom, Elisabeth; Siebe, Claus
2017Driving magma to the surface : the 2011–2012 El Hierro volcanic eruptionLópez, Carmen; Benito-Saz, Maria A.; Martí, Joan; Del-Fresno, Carmen; García-Cañada, Laura; Albert, Helena; Lamolda, Héctor
2021From explosive vent opening to effusive outpouring : mineral constraints on magma dynamics and timescales at paricutin monogenetic volcanoLarrea, Patricia; Albert, Helena; Ubide, Teresa; Costa, Fidel; Colás, Vanessa; Widom, Elisabeth; Siebe, Claus
2019Magma interactions, crystal mush formation, timescales, and unrest during caldera collapse and lateral eruption at ocean island basaltic volcanoes (Piton de la Fournaise, La Réunion)Albert, Helena; Costa, Fidel; Di Muro, Andréa; Herrin, Jason; Métrich, Nicole; Deloule, Etienne
2019PWD : a petrological workspace and database toolSchonwalder-Angel, Dayana; Albert, Helena; Tuan, Lam Ngoc; Phi, Nguyen Xuan; Utami, Sri Budhi; Li, Weiran; Khanh, Phung Minh; Widiwijayanti, Christina; Costa, Fidel