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 1984Red river and associated faults, Yunnan Province, China : quaternary geology, slip rates, and seismic hazardYuan, Han; Sieh, Kerry; Zhang, Buchun; Zhu, Chengnan; Gillespie, A. R.; Allen, Clarence R.
 1989Slip on the Superstition Hills fault and on nearby faults associated with the 24 November 1987 Elmore Ranch and Superstition Hills earthquakes, southern CaliforniaSieh, Kerry; McGill, Sally F.; Allen, Clarence R.; Hudnut, Kenneth W.; Johnson, David C.; Miller, Wayne F.
 1988Triggered slip along the San Andreas fault after the 8 July 1986 North Palm Springs earthquakeWilliams, Patrick L.; McGill, Sally Fagerson; Sieh, Kerry; Allen, Clarence R.; Louie, John N.