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2020Characterisation of serum progesterone and progesterone-induced blocking factor (PIBF) levels across trimesters in healthy pregnant womenLim, Mark Kit; Ku, Chee Wai; Tan, Thiam Chye; Lee, Justin Yin Hao; Allen, John Carson; Tan, Nguan Soon
 2018Evaluation of the relative effectiveness of the 2017 updated Manchester scoring system for predicting BRCA1/2 mutations in a Southeast Asian countryChew, Winston; Moorakonda, Rajesh Babu; Courtney, Eliza; Soh, Hazel; Li, Shao Tzu; Chen, Yanni; Shaw, Tarryn; Allen, John Carson; Evans, Dafydd Gareth R.; Ngeow, Joanne
2021Gestational age-specific normative values and determinants of serum progesterone through the first trimester of pregnancyKu, Chee Wai; Zhang, Xiaoxuan; Zhang, Valencia Ru-Yan; Allen, John Carson; Tan, Nguan Soon; Østbye, Truls; Tan, Thiam Chye
2018Predictors of next-generation sequencing panel selection using a shared decision-making approachCourtney, Eliza; Li, Shao-Tzu; Shaw, Tarryn; Chen, Yanni; Allen, John Carson; Ngeow, Joanne
2017Spontaneous miscarriage in first trimester pregnancy is associated with altered urinary metabolite profileKu, Chee Wai; Tan, Zhen Wei; Lim, Mark Kit; Tam, Zhi Yang; Lin, Chih-Hsien; Ng, Sean Pin; Allen, John Carson; Lek, Sze Min; Tan, Thiam Chye; Tan, Nguan Soon
2020Use of web-based game in neonatal resuscitation - is it effective?Yeo, Cheo Lian; Ho, Selina Kah Ying; Tagamolila, Vina Canlas; Arunachalam, Sridhar; Bharadwaj, Srabani Samanta; Poon, Woei Bing; Tan, Mary Grace; Edison, Priyantha Ebenezer; Yip, Wai Yan; Abdul Alim Abdul Haium; Jayagobi, Pooja Agarwal; Vora, Shrenik Jitendrakumar; Khurana, Simrita Kaur; Allen, John Carson; Lustestica, Ereno Imelda