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2010China and African natural resourcesAlden, Chris; Alves, Ana Cristina
2015China and Brazil in sub-Saharan African fossil fuels : a comparative analysisAlves, Ana Cristina
 2022China's BRI developmental agency in its own words: a content analysis of key policy documentsAlves, Ana Cristina; Lee, Su Hyun
2014China's Economic Statecraft in Africa: continuity and changeAlves, Ana Cristina
 2013China's ‘win-win’ cooperation : unpacking the impact of infrastructure-for-resources deals in AfricaAlves, Ana Cristina
2018China’s economic and trade cooperation zones in Africa : a viable model of development?Alden, Chris; Alves, Ana Cristina
2012China’s economic statecraft and African mineral resources : changing modes of engagementAlves, Ana Cristina
2016China’s regional forum diplomacy in the developing world : socialisation and the ‘Sinosphere’Alden, Chris; Alves, Ana Cristina
2013Chinese economic statecraft : a comparative study of China’s oil-backed loans in Angola and BrazilAlves, Ana Cristina
2012Chinese resource quest in Brazil : the changing role of economic statecraftAlves, Ana Cristina
2015Global and local challenges and opportunities : reflections on China and the governance of African natural resourcesAlden, Chris; Alves, Ana Cristina
 2008History & identity in the construction of China’s Africa policyAlden, Chris; Alves, Ana Cristina
 2022Knowledge transfer in the global south: reusing or creating knowledge in China’s special economic zones in Ethiopia and Cambodia?Alves, Ana Cristina; Lee, Celia
2018The resurgence of China’s third world policy in the 21st centuryAlves, Ana Cristina