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 2018Active learning with confidence-based answers for crowdsourcing labeling tasksSong, Jinhua; Wang, Hao; Gao, Yang; An, Bo
2016Alternating-offers bargaining in one-to-many and many-to-many settingsAn, Bo; Gatti, Nicola; Lesser, Victor
 2017Context-aware reliable crowdsourcing in social networksJiang, Jiuchuan; An, Bo; Jiang, Yichuan; Lin, Donghui
2018HogRider: Champion agent of Microsoft Malmo collaborative AI challengeXiong, Yanhai; Chen, Haipeng; Zhao, Mengchen; An, Bo
2017Human–computer negotiation in a three player market settingHaim, Galit; Gal, Ya'akov (Kobi); An, Bo; Kraus, Sarit
2018Optimal defense against election control by deleting voter groupsYin, Yue; Vorobeychik, Yevgeniy; An, Bo; Hazon, Noam
2016Optimal Interdiction of Illegal Network FlowGuo, Qingyu; Zick, Yair; Miao, Chunyan; An, Bo
 2019Protecting internet infrastructure against link flooding attacks : a techno-economic perspectiveMa, Xiaobo; Li, Jianfeng; Tang, Yajuan; An, Bo; Guan, Xiaohong
 2015A simulation framework for measuring robustness of incentive mechanisms and its implementation in reputation systemsLiu, Yuan; Zhang, Jie; An, Bo; Sen, Sandip