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2019Bilayer skyrmion dynamics on a magnetic anisotropy gradientAng, Calvin Ching Ian; Gan, Weiliang; Lew, Wen Siang
2020Electrical control of skyrmion density via skyrmion-stripe transformationAng, Calvin Ching Ian; Gan, Weiliang; Wong, Grayson Dao Hwee; Lew, Wen Siang
2020Enhancement of zero-field skyrmion density in [Pt/Co/Fe/Ir]2 multilayers at room temperature by the first-order reversal curveMa, Mangyuan; Ang, Calvin Ching Ian; Li, Yong; Pan, Zizhao; Gan, Weiliang; Lew, Wen Siang; Ma, Fusheng
2019High velocity domain wall propagation using voltage controlled magnetic anisotropyTan, Fu Nan; Gan, Wei Liang; Ang, Calvin Ching Ian; Liu, H. X.; Poh, F.; Lew, Wen Siang; Wong, G. D. H.
 2018In situ Kerr and harmonic measurement in determining current-induced effective fields in MgO/CoFeB/TaWong, Qi Ying; Gan, Weiliang; Luo, Fanglin; Lim, Gerard Joseph; Ang, Calvin Ching Ian; Tan, Funan; Law, Wai Cheung; Lew, Wen Siang
2019Space‐confined microwave synthesis of ternary‐layered BiOCl crystals with high‐performance ultraviolet photodetectionKang, Lixing; Yu, Xuechao; Zhao, Xiaoxu; Ouyang, Qingling; Di, Jun; Xu, Manzhang; Tian, Dan; Gan, Weiliang; Ang, Calvin Ching Ian; Ning, Shoucong; Fu, Qundong; Zhou, Jiadong; Kutty, Rajendrannair Govindan; Deng, Ya; Song, Pin; Zeng, Qingsheng; Pennycook, Stephen J.; Shen, Jun; Yong, Ken-Tye; Liu, Zheng
2021Temperature-modulated magnetic skyrmion phases and transformations analysis from first-order reversal curve studyAng, Calvin Ching Ian; Gan, Weiliang; Wong, Grayson Dao Hwee; Lew, Wen Siang
2020Thermal behavior of spin-current generation in PtxCu1-x devices characterized through spin-torque ferromagnetic resonanceWong, Grayson Dao Hwee; Law, Wai Cheung; Tan, Funan; Gan, Weiliang; Ang, Calvin Ching Ian; Xu, Zhan; Seet, C. S.; Lew, Wen Siang
2019Tilted magnetisation for domain wall pinning in racetrack memoryJin, Tianli; Tan, Funan; Ang, Calvin Ching Ian; Gan, Weiliang; Cao, Jiangwei; Lew, Wen Siang; Piramanayagam, S. N.