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2002Are pay for performance search engines relevant?Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Ang, Rebecca P.
 2011Association between caregiving, meaning in life, and life satisfaction beyond 50 in an Asian sample : age as a moderatorAng, Rebecca P.; O, Jiaqing.
2006Authoritarian parenting style in Asian societies : a cluster analytic investigationAng, Rebecca P.; Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian
 2012Bystanders' reactions to bullying : a cross-cultural analysis of personal correlates among Italian and Singaporean studentsPozzoli, Tiziana.; Ang, Rebecca P.; Gini, Gianluca.
 2013Cognitive, personality, and social factors associated with adolescents' online personal information disclosureLwin, May Oo; Ang, Rebecca P.; Liu, Cong
 2012Coping with anxiety, depression, anger and aggression : the mediational role of resilience in adolescentsAng, Rebecca P.; Ng, Reuben.; Ho, Moon-Ho Ringo
 2012Cross-cultural examination of test anxiety among US and Singapore students on the Test Anxiety Scale for Elementary Students (TAS-E)Lowe, Patricia A.; Ang, Rebecca P.
2002A digital library for geography examination resourcesChua, Lian Heong; Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Lim, Ee Peng; Liu, Zehua; Ang, Rebecca P.
2015The effectiveness and acceptance of an affective information literacy tutorialGuo, Yan Ru; Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Luyt, Brendan; Sin, Sei-Ching Joanna; Ang, Rebecca P.
 2011Examining the criterion validity of CBCL and TRF problem scales and items in a large Singapore sampleAng, Rebecca P.; Rescorla, Leslie A.; Achenbach, Thomas M.; Ooi, Yoon Phaik.; Fung, Daniel S. S.; Woo, Bernardine.
 2012Gang affiliation, aggression, and violent offending in a sample of youth offendersAng, Rebecca P.; Huan, Vivien S.; Chua, Sok Hoon.; Lim, Si Huan.
2005GeogDL : a Web-based approach to geography examination revisionTheng, Yin-Leng; Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Ang, Rebecca P.; Lim, Ee Peng
2016Influences of narcissism and parental mediation on adolescents' textual and visual personal information disclosure in FacebookLiu, Cong; Ang, Rebecca P.; Lwin, May Oo
 2012Loneliness and generalized problematic Internet use : parents’ perceived knowledge of adolescents’ online activities as a moderatorAng, Rebecca P.; Chong, Wan Har.; Chye, Stefanie.; Huan, Vivien S.
 2019Omega-3 (ω-3) and social skills interventions for reactive aggression and childhood externalizing behavior problems : a randomized, stratified, double-blind, placebo-controlled, factorial trialRaine, Adrian; Ang, Rebecca P.; Choy, Olivia; Hibbeln, Joseph R.; Ho, Ringo M.-H.; Lim, Choon Guan; Lim-Ashworth, Nikki S. J.; Ling, Shichun; Liu, Jean C. J.; Ooi, Yoon Phaik; Tan, Yi Ren; Fung, Daniel S. S.
2003Relevancy rankings : pay for performance search engines in the hot seatGoh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Ang, Rebecca P.
 2012Stop bugging me : an examination of adolescents’ protection behavior against online harassmentLwin, May Oo; Li, Benjamin; Ang, Rebecca P.
2012Web 2.0 applications in government web sites : prevalence, use and correlations with perceived web site qualityChua, Alton Yeow Kuan; Goh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Ang, Rebecca P.