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2012Analysis of field-emission from a diamond-metal-vacuum triple junctionSun, Sheng; Ang, Ricky Lay Kee
2013Analysis of nonuniform field emission from a sharp tip emitter of Lorentzian or hyperboloid shapeSun, Sheng; Ang, Ricky Lay Kee
2013Generalized model for ultrafast laser induced electron emission from a metal tipAng, Ricky Lay Kee; Pant, M.
2007High current carbon nanotube cathode for miniature high power THz source applicationAng, Ricky Lay Kee
2003Modeling of broadband compact vacuum power devices and vacuum nano-electronicsAng, Ricky Lay Kee
2007Multi-dimentional theory of space-charge-limited current : quantum, short-pulse and transitionKoh, Wee Shing
2013Novel scaling laws for the Langmuir-Blodgett solutions in cylindrical and spherical diodesZhu, Y. B.; Zhang, P.; Valfells, A.; Ang, Ricky Lay Kee; Lau, Y. Y.
2012Onset of space charge limited current for field emission from a single sharp tipSun, Sheng; Ang, Ricky Lay Kee
2003Optimization and comparison of argon plasma-induced quantum well intermixing using RIE and ICPLeong, Daniel Woon Loong.
 2012Plasmonic coupled-cavity system for enhancement of surface plasmon localization in plasmonic detectorsOoi, Kelvin J. A.; Bai, Ping; Gu, Mingxia; Ang, Ricky Lay Kee
2012Shot noise of low energy electron field emission due to Klein tunnelingSun, Sheng; Ang, Ricky Lay Kee
2010Space charge limited current in a gap combined of free space and solidChandra, W.; Ang, Ricky Lay Kee
2012Ultrafast laser-induced electron emission from multiphoton to optical tunnelingPant, M.; Ang, Ricky Lay Kee
 2012Vandium dioxide active plasmonicsOoi, Kelvin J. A.; Bai, Ping; Chu, Hong Son; Ang, Ricky Lay Kee