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2013Analysis of accuracy in pointing with redundant hand-held tools : a geometric approach to the uncontrolled manifold methodWidjaja, Ferdinan; Xu, Hong; Ang, Wei Tech; Burdet, Etienne; Campolo, Domenico
 2011Automatic hysteresis modeling of piezoelectric micromanipulator in vision-guided micromanipulation systemsZhang, Yan Liang; Han, Ming Li; Yu, Meng Yin; Shee, Cheng Yap; Ang, Wei Tech
2016Automatic identification of systolic time intervals in seismocardiogramShafiq, Ghufran; Tatinati, Sivanagaraja; Ang, Wei Tech; Veluvolu, Kalyana C.
 2012A compact 3-DOF compliant serial mechanism for trajectory tracking with flexures made by rapid prototypingZhao, Su; Aye, Yan Naing; Shee, Cheng Yap; Chen, I-Ming; Ang, Wei Tech
1999Design and implementation of modular robotic arm with active linksAng, Wei Tech
2013An enhanced intelligent handheld instrument with visual servo control for 2-DOF hand motion error compensationZhao, Su; Aye, Yan Naing; Ang, Wei Tech
 2011A micro motion sensing system for micromanipulation tasksTan, U Xuan; Latt, Win Tun; Georgiou, Andreas; Sidarta, Ananda Ekaputera; Riviere, Cameron N; Ang, Wei Tech
2018Multi-step prediction of physiological tremor with random quaternion neurons for surgical robotics applicationsWang, Yubo; Tatinati, Sivanagaraja; Adhikari, Kabita; Huang, Liyu; Nazarpour, Kianoush; Ang, Wei Tech; Veluvolu, Kalyana C.
 2011Transfer function compensation in gyroscope-free inertial measurement units for accurate angular motion sensingLatt, Win Tun; Riviere, Cameron N; Ang, Wei Tech; Tan, U Xuan