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2018Edge detection from point cloud of worn partsNguyen, Keith Wei Liang; Aprilia, A.; Khairyanto, Ahmad; Pang, Wee Ching; Seet, Gerald Gim Lee; Tor, Shu Beng
2021Induction brazing for rapid localized repair of Inconel 718Aprilia, A.; Tan, Jin Lee; Yang, Yongjin; Tan, Sung Chyn; Zhou, Wei
2021Mechanisms of cracking in laser welding of magnesium alloy AZ91DZhou, Wei; Aprilia, A.; Mark, Chee Kong
2018Towards automated remanufacturing process with additive manufacturingAprilia, A.; Nguyen, Keith Wei Liang; Khairyanto, Ahmad; Pang, Wee Ching; Tor, Shu Beng; Seet, Gerald Gim Lee