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2017Collective appropriation and cooperative uses of mobile telephony among Burmese fishersAricat, Rajiv George; Ling, Richard
2015Mobile phone appropriation and migrant acculturation : a case study of an Indian community in SingaporeAricat, Rajiv George; Karnowski, Veronika; Chib, Arul
2015Mobile/Social Media Use for Political Purposes Among Migrant Laborers in SingaporeAricat, Rajiv George
2016Silent but brewing: reactive ethnicity and interculturality among Chinese students in SingaporeChib, Arul; Chia, Alvin; Tan, Sie Mun; Tan, Lisa; Jiang, Qiaolei; Aricat, Rajiv George; Woo, Zhen Wei
2015The use of mobile phones among trishaw operators in MyanmarLing, Rich; Aricat, Rajiv George; Oreglia, Elisa; Panchapakesan, Chitra; Lwin, May Oo