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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Application of reengineering methodology to product creation processTeo, Keng Hoe.
2000Application of state-of-the-art logistics concepts to health care industry supporting systemsKo Ko Maung.
2002Co-ordinated supply chain modelling and model-based performance evaluationLi, Zhengping.
2005Control policy and algorithm analysis for production planning and inventory controlFeng, Yi
2005Decision-making framework for justification of reverse logistics in the computer industryTan, Albert Wee Kwan
2003Determination of an optimal location of a central automotive parts distribution hub in AsiaLim, Christopher Hian Kiat.
2001Direct services : a perspective view of supply chain management in service industrySiew, Chen Seng.
2000Distributed decision making support for supply chain management using multiagent technologyHu, Qing He.
2014Energy-efficient broadcasting in wireless ad-hoc sensor networksArun Kumar
2005Exploring virtual value chain in hospitals : a case study at Singapore General Hopital (SGH)Chang, Le.
2002Feasbility study of implementation of auto storage & retrival system (AS/RS) in a manufacturing environmentWu, Cheng Joo.
2003Integrated modeling and analysis approach for design and configuration of the supply chainXie, Xudong.
2007Models and solutions for emergency logisticsYi, Wei
2007New interval partitioning algorithms for global optimization problemsChandra Sekhar Pedamallu
2006Parallel global optimization with deterministic approachesWu, Yong
2002Planning for bunkering operations in ocean fishingLim, Peter Ah Teck.
2007A real options framework for platform-based product family designLim, Ching Moi
2003Strategic capacity planning in healthcare systems using fuzzy regressionMuthuraman Vijayakumar.
2001Supply chain redesign in health care industryZhang, Chun Ning
2001Third party logistics : a case studyPaveender Kumar.