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2018Complex housing causes a robust increase in dendritic complexity and spine density of medial prefrontal cortical neuronsAshokan, Archana; Lim, Jamien Wee Han; Hang, Nicholas; Mitra, Rupshi
2020Female rats are resilient to the behavioral effects of maternal separation stress and exhibit stress-induced neurogenesisLee, Yan Jun; Koe, Amelia S.; Ashokan, Archana; Mitra, Rupshi
2016Seeding stress resilience through inoculationAshokan, Archana; Sivasubramanian, Meenalochani; Mitra, Rupshi
2016Short environmental enrichment in adulthood reverses anxiety and basolateral amygdala hypertrophy induced by maternal separationKoe, Amelia S.; Ashokan, Archana; Mitra, Rupshi